More Trapping Videos

Trapping, trapping, and MORE trapping!
Classic Video by Herb Lenon
Classic Video by Herb Lenon - 55 minutes

The films were made in the 1930s for training trappers during Herb Lenon's employment as a Michigan State Trapper Instructor and used to help other trappers for many years thereafter. The most intense instructions ever available to you! See Herb personally demonstrate secret sets and locations that made him the outstanding trapper of his time. Silent film, in historical black & white.
Canine Trapping with John Chagnon DVD
Canine Trapping with John Chagnon - 100 minutes

John Chagnon takes you through the wilds of upstate Michigan trapping elusive wild canines. Covers all canines including Red Fox, Grey Fox and Coyote.
Boat 'Line Bandits (DVD)
Boat 'Line Bandits - 60 minutes

Using the latest dog proof traps, expert trappers Ralph Scherder and Rich Faler immerse you in a lake trapline adventure. Your raccoon line will be more productive than ever!
Trappin Snappers 2 (DVD)
Trappin Snappers 2 - A Complete How-To Video - 120 minutes

Trapping, cleaning, and cooking snapping turtles, with third-generation-turtle-trapper Gregg Kash. You could be cooking sweet turtle meat tonight!
A Guide To Buying and Using Cage Traps (DVD)
With cage trapping expert, Eric Arnold - 96 minutes

Sometimes the best tool for the job is a cage trap. This video will help you use it to your very best advantage.

Join Eric Arnold, a professional wildlife control operator and trainer, as he compares multiple types of cage traps and shows how they are best used.
Snaring In The Snow (DVD)
With snaring experts, Bernie Barringer & Rick Hines - 100 minutes

In-depth strategies on winter snaring red and grey fox, bobcats, and coyotes, with detailed coverage of building snares, set locations, setting techniques, and much more.
40 Cents And A Weasel (DVD)
40 Cents And A Weasel - 57 minutes

Gary Schumann's 40 Cents and a Weasel DVD shows you the who, what, when, where and why when it comes to weasel trapping. It is all packed into this DVD. Gary covers baits, box building, locating, setting, catching, skinning and stretching weasels.
Bottom Edge Mink Trapping (DVD)
Bottom Edge Mink Trapping - 120 minutes by Bob Noonan - Revolutionize your mink trapline. The bottom edge set needs no bait, just a #110-size Conibear and a length of wire. It can be made in seconds and remains operating regardless of harsh weather conditions.
Sixty Minute Snaring (DVD)
Sixty Minute Snaring - 68 minutes by Hal Sullivan - Basic guide to the design, use, and application of the modern cable snare. Filmed primarily for beginners, Sixty Minute Snaring covers all aspects of using snares including: parts & components, setting, fastening, stabilizing, nonlethal capture techniques, placement, & more. Increase your catch by learning the most effective techniques for using the modern snares.
Lure & Bait Making (DVD)
Lure & Bait Making The Johnny Thorpe Way - 105 minutes with Johnny Thorpe - Come along with Johnny Thorpe as he takes you on an in-depth discussion of the formulation of animal scents. A must-see video for anyone wanting to learn the secrets of the trapping scent trade.