Sixty Minute Snaring (DVD)

With Hal Sullivan

21st Century Snaring Techniques The steel cable snare is a very effective tool for capturing furbearers. Employing proper techniques, the snare can be used both safely and effectively under a variety of conditions. Sixty Minute Snaring is a basic guide to the design, use, and application of the modern cable snare. Designed primarily for the beginning snareman, Sixty Minute Snaring covers all aspects of using snares including: parts and components of the snare, making snares, fastening snares, stabilizing snares, nonlethal capture techniques, placement of snares, and more. Sixty Minute Snaring also illustrates various situations in the field and includes sets for different animals in a variety of situations. With Sixty Minute Snaring, you can increase your catch by learning the most effective techniques for using the modern cable snare. 68 Minutes DVD 
Sixty Minute Snaring (DVD)