Canine Trapping with John Chagnon DVD

Canine Trapping with John Chagnon

This video is intended to show every facet of trapping canines efficiently in a down to earth manner. John invites you to join him on his trap line as he explains how to trap those elusive canines on this DVD. World Renowned lure maker, Asa Lenon, gives this video "Two Thumbs Up, Good Job."

Additional footage of a release of an incidental caught bobcat and footage on how to remove fox glands by special guest John Crawford. Interesting segment on trapping canines east vs west learn the differences with John Chagnon from the western methods and John Crawford with the Eastern methods. Learn from Chagnons over 40 years a trapper and trapper supply dealer.

John shows his twist on scent post sets and dirt hole sets, and why both sets are the ticket to canine success. Many scenic photos of catches across northern Michigan. This DVD will help you pick the most productive locations for your fox and coyote sets. Even the most veteran trapper will pick out some valuable tips from this information packed video.

Written and produced by John S. Chagnon and John W. Crawford for and sponsored by the Duke Trap Co. Also available at the new Water Trapping Video by John Chagnon and Skinning and Fur Handling video with Dave Cronk and John Chagnon.

100 minutes!
Canine Trapping with John Chagnon DVD