Fur Handling Videos

Hand-picked by FUR-FISH-GAME for their excellence, these fur handling and skinning videos from fur handling pros like Hal Sullivan will make you money and save you time putting up your furs.

Show Me the Money! (DVD)
Pro Fur Handling with Charlie Masheck - 270 minutes

Covers every aspect of fur handling, ensuring you top dollar.
In The Fur Shed: A Complete Video Guide to Fur Handling (DVD)
In The Fur Shed: A Complete Video Guide to Fur Handling - 210 minutes

Join Kyle Kaatz and Brian Steines as they teach you their professional methods of handling muskrats, mink, raccoon, otter, beaver, opossums, coyotes, and fox.
Glands: A Trapper's Commodity (DVD)
Glands: A Trapper's Commodity - 40 minutes

Join Kyle Kaatz to learn the basics of collecting, storing, and marketing animal glands. Demonstrates removing glands from muskrats, beaver, coyote, fox, mink, and otter.
Fur Handling 2000 (DVD)
21st Century Techniques For Handling Raw Furs - 117 minutes by Hal Sullivan - If you want to get top dollar out of the fur you harvest, then let Fur Handling 2000 show you the proper methods and techniques for handling raw furs.
Clean Skinning Beaver (DVD)
Clean Skinning And Stretching Beaver - 91 minutes by Hal Sullivan - The beaver is one of the more difficult furbearers to process. Clean Skinning And Stretching Beaver shows you the step-by-step process for putting up beaver using the clean skinning method and plywood stretchers.
Skunks: The Best Investment You'll Ever Make (DVD)
Skunks: The Best Investment You'll Ever Make - 43 minutes with Kyle Kaatz - Take mother nature's striped gift all the way to the bank! Join Kyle Kaatz as he shares his methods of skinning, fleshing, & stretching skunks. Also covers gland removal, essence extraction, and storage, grading, and odor removal.
Tanning Your Own Animal Fur or Deer Hide (DVD)
Isn't it time you tanned your own hides? Learn everything you need to know in this informative 2-hour DVD from All Outdoors Video Productions.