Show Me the Money! (DVD)

Pro Fur Handling with Charlie Masheck

Join Charlie Masheck as he demonstrates the proper way to handle fur. Charlie started buying fur at the age of 18 and bought fur for 14 seasons (1976-1991). He has been trapping for 41 years. Needless to say, he has been around the fur industry a long time. Every year thousands of dollars are lost to improperly handled skins. Don't let your fur be a part of that statistic! Improve your methods, techniques, and efficiency to produce a professionally put up skin.

Skinning, fleshing, stretching, drying, final pelt handling, and tips on selling fur are covered in this video.

Topics include: equipment & set-up, raccoon, beaver, castor preparation, muskrat, fox, otter, bobcat, coyote, selling fur, with the bonus: skinning out the feet, turning lips, ears, and nose.

270 minutes!
Show Me the Money! (DVD)