Clean Skinning Beaver (DVD)

With Hal Sullivan

Clean skinning can have advantages over the more traditional method of rough skinning the beaver then fleshing the hide. Beaver are notoriously difficult to flesh. Clean skinning eliminates the need for fleshing, because the fat and flesh is removed from the hide as the beaver is skinned.

With Clean Skinning And Stretching Beaver, you'll learn the clean skinning method. The technique is clearly explained, with plenty of close-up footage so you can see exactly what's going on. Following this is a step-by-step demonstration of stretching the beaver pelt on a plywood board. You'll learn how to get the pelt in the proper oval shape and other techniques for producing a top-value finished product.

If you're looking for an easier way to put up beaver, Clean Skinning And Stretching Beaver is for you!
Clean Skinning Beaver (DVD)