FFG Instructional Videos

Welcome to the FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine instructional video library. From our own professional series trapping videos to the deer and big game processing videos as well as the recently added turtle trapping dvd, you can't go wrong. Click on any video cover for more information and to order. Then prepare yourself for an in-depth education.


FUR-FISH-GAME Professional-Series Trapping Videos

Beaver Trapping Video
Coyote Trapping Video
Fox Trapping Video
Beaver Trapping
82 minutes
Coyote Trapping
80 minutes
Fox Trapping
90 minutes
Mink & Raccoon Trapping Video
Mink Trapping Video
Muskrat Trapping Video
Mink & Raccoon
78 minutes
Mink Trapping
70 minutes
Muskrat Trapping
54 minutes
Predator Trapping Video
Raccoon Trapping Video
Predator Trapping
96 minutes
Raccoon Trapping
65 minutes
Trapping & Skinning Videos
Wolf Trapping Video
40 Cents and a weasel DVD
In the Fur Shed
Classic Video
55 minutes
40 Cents And A Weasel
57 minutes
Sixty Minute Snaring Video
Sixty Minute Snaring
68 minutes
Turtle Trapping Video
bottom edge mink trapping video
Fisher trapping video
Turtle Trapping
120 minutes
Canine Trapping
100 minutes
Fisher Trapping
135 minutes
Marten trapping video
Skunks video
Big-Buck Bobcats DVD
Marten Trapping
135 minutes
43 minutes
Big-Buck Bobcats
140 minutes
Lure & Bait Making video
Tanning Your Own Animal Fur or Deer Hide video
Glands: A Trapper's Commodity
Lure & Bait Making
105 minutes
Tanning Hides
120 minutes
A guide to buying and using cage traps
SHow me the money dvd
Boat 'Line Bandits
A Guide to Cage Traps
96 minutes
Show Me the Money!
270 minutes
Boat 'Line Bandits
60 minutes
Hunting Videos
Field Judging Black Bears
Field Judging Black Bears - 45 minutes