Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is FUR-FISH-GAME owned by a big publishing company?

A: No. FUR-FISH-GAME has been owned by the same family since 1925.


Q: Does FUR-FISH-GAME publish "double issues" so they don't have to mail an issue every month?

A: No. We are perhaps the only national outdoor magazine to still publish and send 12 issues per year.


Q: I just received a renewal notice but I already sent a payment. What’s up with that?

A: After we process our renewal-notice list, it takes roughly a week before those renewal notices get mailed. Figure another week for them to arrive at your door. That means a minimum of two weeks (sometimes three) passes between the time we pull the list and it gets to your door. We wish there was a better way, but we can’t seem to speed up the system. If you don’t like when this happens you can provide us with an email address to be tied with your subscription. That way you would receive an email renewal before the one that’s mailed. Also, you can log into your subscription account on our website by using your name and account number (found on the mailing label of your magazine). That way you can see when your subscription expires. You can also renew and buy gift subscriptions. Better still, you can enroll in automatic renewals, so you never receive another renewal in the mail.


Q: Why are shipping costs on products I'm ordering on your website different than what appears in the magazine?

A: Shipping rates vary based on the weight of what you order and your location. Because we can't know your location when we publish product ads in the magazine we have to make very rough estimates for customers to pay. These will always be different than the actual postage that is calculated on our website.