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Every week we feature the best pictures from the hardest working practical outdoorsmen in North America.

If you have great photo - hunting, fishing, or trapping - email it to us. Include names of anyone in the picutre, and your home town and state.

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Michael & Justin Baker - New York Maxwell, Brandon & Gilbert Downing - Iowa Jack Johnson - Arkansas
Michael & Justin Baker Maxwell, Brandon & Gilbert Downing Jack Johnson
Mark, Wyatt & Boone Wolfe - Indiana Garrison, Brady & Case Weir - Illinois Wyatt Solt - Utah
Mark, Wyatt & Boone Wolfe Garrison, Brady & Case Weir Wyatt Solt
Sawyer Foust - Wisconsin Findley Bakker - Michigan Bill & Dakota Carey - Missouri
Sawyer Foust Findley Bakker Bill & Dakota Carey
Niklas Slosson - Michigan Alton Orlomoski - Connecticut Shelia Mundy - North Carolina
Niklas Slosson Alton Orlomoski Shelia Mundy
Kyle Leichtenberger - Pennsylvania Shawn Heardman - Indiana Kristopher May, Michael Crow & Blayne Miller - Ohio
Kyle Leichtenberger Shawn Heardman Kristopher May, Michael Crow & Blayne Miller
Ben Osterholt - Missouri Jim Young - Maine Brandy Hoffacker - Georgia
Ben Osterholt Jim Young Brandy Hoffacker
Rick Johnson - Alaska Bruce Welch - Wisconsin Tyler & Philip Mundy - North Carolina
Rick Johnson Bruce Welch Tyler & Philip Mundy
Frank Giacobbe - New York Eric, Kyler & Kaden Hafemeister - Missouri Kendell Morris - Michigan
Frank Giacobbe Eric, Kyler & Kaden Hafemeister Kendell Morris
Daniel Vedder - Alaska Gunner Baker - Wisconsin Eden Searles - New Brunswick
Daniel Vedder Gunner Baker Eden Searles
Adam Walters & Danielle, Vivian, Kaylee & Wes Moats - Pennsylvania Ron Brockamp - Minnesota Tom Demo - New York
Adam Walters & Danielle, Vivian, Kaylee & Wes Moats Ron Brockamp Tom Demo
Aevys, Aaron & Charlotte Corey - Ontario Lukas Truman Palmer - Ohio Colten Henry - Virginia
Aevys, Aaron & Charlotte Corey Lukas Truman Palmer Colten Henry
Dave Kilp & Josh & Buck Borchurdt - Wisconsin Ben Donahue - Ohio Darrell Woolley - Texas
Dave Kilp & Josh & Buck Borchurdt Ben Donahue Darrell Woolley
Brandon Gunderson - Minnesota Cody, Carlie & Waylen Case - Indiana Brett Dillman - Nebraska
Brandon Gunderson Cody, Carlie & Waylen Case Brett Dillman
Bradley C. Bailey & Ken "Tailgunner" Hall - Wyoming Mark Young - Kentucky Alexandria & Anita Vedder - Wisconsin
Bradley C. Bailey & Ken "Tailgunner" Hall Mark Young Rich & Chance Sale
Anthony Mikols - Ohio Nancy Graham & Wes Harder - Minnesota Rich & Chance Sale - South Dakota
Anthony Mikols Nancy Graham & Wes Harder Rich & Chance Sale
Blake Davis - Pennsylvania Bill Leslie - Michigan T.J. Taylor - Kentucky
Blake Davis Bill Leslie T.J. Taylor
Jacques Etcheverry & Gabe Davis - Alaska Jack Gracie - Vermont Javin Martin - Iowa
Jacques Etcheverry & Gabe Davis Jack Gracie Javin Martin

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