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Every week we feature the best pictures from the hardest working practical outdoorsmen in North America.

If you have great photo - hunting, fishing, or trapping - email it to us. Include names of anyone in the picutre, and your home town and state.

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Jackson McDonald - Indiana Colton Allesch - Alaska Sawyer Ebers - Illinois
Jackson McDonald Colton Allesch Sawyer Ebers
Holly & Josh Shepherd - Virginia Stan Hansen - Minnesota Hunter Gratwohl - Montana
Holly & Josh Shepherd Stan Hansen Hunter Gratwohl
Hayden Jeffers - Missouri Abigail & Albert Callbeck - Alberta Marcus Vedder - Alaska
Hayden Jeffers Abigail & Albert Callbeck Marcus Vedder
Jacob, Caleb & Tom Pohl - Michigan Lauren Kilburg - Iowa Joel, Dominic, Marc, Colt & Joel Jr. Farro - Pennsylvania
Jacob, Caleb & Tom Pohl Lauren Kilburg Joel, Dominic, Marc, Colt & Joel Jr. Farro
Bryan Hawkinson & Ricky Dale Smith - South Dakota Ray Strong - Connecticut Colton & Daxtan Mathus - Illinois
Bryan Hawkinson & Ricky Dale Smith Ray Strong Colton & Daxtan Mathus
Foster Garcie - Louisiana Keith Beaver - Ohio Waylon Kwekkeboom - Wisconsin
Foster Garcie Keith Beaver Waylon Kwekkeboom
Josiah & Owen Rae - Montana Luke & Dwight Fehr & Pete Martens - Manitoba Dave Knobloch - New York
Josiah & Owen Rae Luke & Dwight Fehr & Pete Martens Dave Knobloch
Boyd Pomeroy - Ohio Jim & Nic Paumen - Minnesota Joe & Steve Papai - New Jersey
Boyd Pomeroy Jim & Nic Paumen Joe & Steve Papai

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