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Every week we feature the best pictures from the hardest working practical outdoorsmen in North America.

If you have great photo - hunting, fishing, or trapping - email it to us. Include names of anyone in the picutre, and your home town and state.

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Heather & Nathanial McDevitt - New York Kendra Krausem - Minnesota Paul Roche - Pennsylvania
Heather & Nathanial McDevitt Kendra Krausem Paul Roche
Dan Halteman and grandkids Andalynn & Tyrell Zimmerman - Pennsylvania Rick Heizler, Phillips - Wisconsin Joshua, Jaelyn, & Megin Jackiewicz - Michigan
Dan Halteman and grandkids Andalynn & Tyrell Zimmerman Rick Heizler, Phillips Joshua, Jaelyn, & Megin Jackiewicz
Memphis Baker - Indiana Kelly Rozzi & Pearl - Ohio Wallace Negen - Minnesota
Memphis Baker Kelly Rozzi & Pearl Wallace Negen
Hutson & Graham Staniford - New York John & Hunter Dana - Montana Jacob & Mya Best - Massechusetts
Hutson & Graham Staniford John & Hunter Dana Jacob & Mya Best
Zannah Ellis - Wisconsin Charles Verrill and Len Sherwood - Maine Micah Shields & Franz Wiegand - Michigan
Zannah Ellis Charles Verrill and Len Sherwood Micah Shields & Franz Wiegand
Landon Strutt - Kansas Gib Penn - Indiana Mason Harvey - Minnesota
Landon Strutt Gib Penn Mason Harvey
Samantha Olson - Illinois Schreiber Family - Wisconsin Fynn Wilcox - Ohio
Samantha Olson Schreiber Family Fynn Wilcox
Aurora & Mary Webb - Michigan Samuel & Lyra Foster - New York John Lee - Minnesota
Aurora & Mary Webb Samuel & Lyra Foster Caleb Sheldon

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