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Rogue 10 Ripper ATV

Rogue 10 Ripper ATV

Rogue 10 Ripper is as fun to ride as a stand-on scooter and as practical as an ATV at a fraction of the cost. Powered by a proven Honda engine, the Ripper will quickly take you to distant places on and off the road. Front and rear racks for hauling gear. Independent front suspension with adjustable shocks. Wrist strap kill switch and safe-start circuitry. Handlebars fold for easy transport, and it is light enough to be lifted into the back of a truck or SUV. Install the optional seat kit, you can also drive seated. MSRP for basic model $3,495; for electric start model $3,995. Optional seat $300; camo option $250. For more information, contact: Rogue 10, Dept. FFG, 4101 Lowell Circle, Lincoln, NE 68502; (531) 500-5900;


CCI Quiet-22 Semi-Auto 22LR

CCI Quiet-22 Semi-Auto 22LR launches 45-grain round-nose lead bullets at 835 ft/s with pinpoint accuracy and drastically less noise than a standard .22 LR round. It’s like shooting through a suppressor without the suppressor, and the cartridges cycle flawlessly through semi-automatic rifles and handguns. MSRP for 50-count box $5.95. For more information phone: (800) 379-1732 or go online at:


Duke Traps Duke Pro Series 550 OS

Duke Traps Duke Pro Series 550 OS is an affordable rock-solid coyote-catching machine. In development for over a year with input from expert trappers, the Duke Pro Series 550 OS features heavy cast steel jaws, stainless steel rod dog with step down PIT pan system, double base plate, center swiveled D-Ring with machine link chain and another swivel. Built for serious coyote trappers by serious coyote trappers. MSRP for a dozen $149-$159. For more information contact: Duke Traps, Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 555, West Point, MS 39773; (662) 494-6767;


Lew's Mach Smash Baitcast Combo

Lew’s Mach Smash Baitcast Combo comes ready to fish with a high-quality baitcast reel on a perfectly matched premium high modulus graphite rod. The 7.5:1 gear ratio reel features solid brass gears and eight bearings in a one-piece graphite frame. Combat Grip™ paddle knobs on the handle for full control. Medium-heavy 6-foot-10-inch rod built on a thin yet strong IM6 blank. Skeletal reel seat further decreases weight. Sensitive and comfortable to fish with Winn® Dri-Tac™ grip and EVA butt section. Offered in left- and right-hand versions and also a spinning combo. MSRP $129.99. Spinning combo $99.99. For more information, contact: Lew’s, Dept. FFG, 3031 N. Martin Ave., Springfield, MO 65803; (877) 470-5397;


Iosso Fabric Cleaner and Protectant kit

Iosso Fabric Cleaner & Protectant Kit includes a jar of powdered Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, which will mix up to 3 gallons of product, and a quart of concentrated Water Repellent, which mixes up to 2 gallons. Together, it’s enough to clean and protect up to 450 square feet of fabric. Iosso Mold & Mildew Stain Remover tackles tough stains without bleach so it won’t damage fabric, weaken threads or alter color. Biodegradable so it won’t harm plants or wildlife. Mix it up, spray it on, let set several minutes or until the stains lighten, lightly brush and rinse. Iosso Water Repellent is water-based so it protects without changing the look or feel of fabric like silicone- and solvent-based products can. Both products available separately in larger quantities. MSRP for Cleaner & Protectant Kit $74. Contact: Iosso Products, Dept. FFG, 1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007; (888) 747-4332;


Wildlife Research Center Super Charged Scrape-Dripper

Wildlife Research Center Super Charged Scrape-Dripper conditions bucks to work scrapes during daylight shooting hours. The predictable rise of temperature in the morning causes an air pocket to expand and push out scent right when it most benefits a hunter. Doesn’t matter if the ambient air temperature is cold, the dripper reacts to the temperature rising. Scent stops dripping at night when temperatures fall. You can use the dripper with any scent, and it comes with a 4-ounce bottle of Golden Scrape® premium scent, enough for up to 12 days. Golden Scrape is a Wildlife Research Center blend of Golden Estrus® and intruding buck scents with subtle tones of fresh scraped earth and Territorial Musk™. 100-percent money-back guarantee. MSRP $27.69. For more information contact: Wildlife Research Center, Dept. FFG, 14485 Azurite St. N.W., Ramsey, MN 55303; (800) 873-5873;


Lyman Tac-Mat Long Range Shooting Mat

Lyman Tac-Mat Long Range Shooting Mat is ideal for shooting from the prone position, whether at the range or in the field hunting. Large footprint accommodates even the tallest shooter, yet it rolls up into a compact, easy to carry bundle. The padded mat keeps you and your rifle out of the dirt and up out of weeds, rocks, insects and wet surfaces. The basic model features 600D construction with a carry handle and shoulder strap that can also be used as a bipod stop. The deluxe version features 1000D construction, elbow pads, a built-in bipod stop as well as carry handle and shoulder strap. Basic model available in black or flat dark earth finish; deluxe version only offered in black. MSRP for basic model $79.98; deluxe $117.98. For more information contact: Lyman Products, Dept. FFG, 475 Smith St., Middletown, CT 06457; (800) 225-9626;


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