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Escort Dynamax Semi-Auto

Escort Dynamax Semi-Auto with patented Hybrid Cycling System handles light loads as well as a traditional gas system but uses much less gas. The result is lighter recoil with faster and more efficient cycling. The need for cleaning is also reduced, and a unique two-piece modular design allows the shotgun to be disassembled in seconds when it does need to be cleaned. Simply loosen the magazine cap and separate the modules, no tool needed. Entire barrel/receiver is oxidation-proof for superior weather resistance. Precision-tooled barrel made with Ni-Cr-Mo steel and hard-chrome lined. Chrome-plated bolt made from the same steel to reduce friction and also resist corrosion. All barrels proof tested to ensure strength and longevity. Ventilated anti-glare rib with HiViz fiber optic front sight. Steel receiver comes with 11 mm grooves for mounting other optics. Dynamax stock with DaSoft finish provides scuff and UV protection with enhanced handling feel. DynaPad recoil pad and DynaComb cheek piece further reduce felt recoil. Fires 2-3/4 and 3-inch shells. Steel-shot suitable multi-choke system comes with F, IM, M, IC, and CYL chokes. 4+1 shell capacity. Manual cross-button trigger safety. Detachable sling swivels. 50-inch overall length with 28-inch barrel. Total weight 7 pounds. MSRP $699.99. For more information contact: HatsanUSA, P.O. Box 576, Bentonville, AR 72712; (877) 278-4448;


Lansky C-Clip Combo includes three superior Lansky tools to help you get blades and points sharp and keep them that way, regardless of your level of sharpening expertise. The C-Clip sharpens knife blades, fishhooks, arrow broadheads, and more. The Mini Sharpener does the same yet is so compact and lightweight you can attach it to a key chain. Eraser Block keeps ceramic rods clean and sharpening at peak efficiency. Block can also erase stains from practically any surface. MSRP $18.99. For more information, contact: Lansky Sharpeners, P.O. Box 800, Buffalo, NY 14231; (800) 825-2675;


Atsko Sport-Wash laundry detergent removes odors from all washable clothing and trapping gear, and a Clemson University School of Textiles study proved that Sport-Wash rinses clean, leaving nothing behind for animals to smell. Restores factory applied DWR water repellents, wicking and breathability. Also restores loft to down and synthetic insulations. Use in HE or standard machines. Septic safe and readily biodegradable. Note: Sport-Wash does not contain UV brighteners; however, if brighteners are already present, treat the material with U-V-Killer as not even Sport-Wash can remove brighteners. MSRP starts at $8.44 for 18 ounces. For more information contact: Atsko, Inc., 2644 Russell St., Orangeburg, SC 29115; (803) 531-1820;


HOT SHOT Fingerless Fishing Gloves are made of 90-percent polyester and 10 percent spandex with a zig-zag finish that lets them stretch and form to hands. Lightweight UPF 50 protective material combats the intense sun reflected off of water, and a special weave fabric with hollow-core construction absorbs water and spreads it throughout to keep hands up to 30 degrees cooler on a hot summer day. Tying knots, removing hooks, casting and retrieving are all easier with fingers exposed, and the palms are printed in silicone to improve the grip on a rod handle. Reinforced synthetic leather thumb crotch adds comfort and durability at a key stress point. Offered in Mossy Oak Elements Agua Marlin and Grey in a standard glove and also a glove reinforced with Amara synthetic leather throughout the palm. MSRP $14.99; reinforced glove $17.99. For more information phone (800) 245-6111 or go online at:


Wildlife Research Center Ultimate Double Scrape-Dripper Kit provides a pair of Magnum Scrape-Dripper® dispensers to keep even the biggest real or mock scrapes fresh. Automatically drips as temperatures rise during the day to condition bucks to visit during legal daylight shooting hours, no timer or batteries needed. Drippers hold enough scent for up to 3 weeks, and the steady, daily accumulation of that scent really riles up bucks. Comes with two 4-ounce bottles of Golden Scrape® scent with break-through Scent Reflex® Technology, for the perfect time-released blend of Golden Estrus, intruding buck scents and subtle tones of freshly scraped earth and Territorial Musk. 100-percent money back guarantee. MSRP $44.99 (look for $5 mail-in rebate in select stores). For more information, contact: Wildlife Research Center, 14485 Azurite Street NW, Ramsey, MN 55303; (800) 873-5873;


Duke Pro Series 850-OS steps up your game for large predators. Building on the design success of the Pro Series 550-OS and 650-OS, the 850-OS lets you take on the biggest wolves and mountain lions with confidence. Smooth 3/8-inch offset cast steel jaws with a full 8.5-inch outside jaw spread; night-latched stainless steel dog with step-down PIT Pan System; double-bolted base; four-coiled; machine link wolf chain with welded wolf swivels. MSRP $29. For more information or to order phone (662) 494-6767 or go online at:


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