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Power up with Pro-Grade DR Snow Blower

DR Power snow blower

DR Power Equipment Professional-Grade Snow Blowers fix the two most common complaints about snow blowers: difficult starting and awkward turning. A plug-in electric start lets you run an extension cord to the machine and start it with the push of a button, and all engines are specifically designed to start in cold weather with or without the plug-in feature. DR EZ-Steer™ turning allows the two axle shafts to drive independently when the operator initiates a turn. This allows a smooth turn with no need to manhandle the machine, and it does not require the use of hand levers, leaving both hands free to steer. Other nice features include: heated hand grips, LED headlight, drift cutters (to make a clean cut through deep snow), and a scraper blade that cleans right down to pavement. Two optional foul-weather accessories also offered: handlebar-mounted Snow Cab to protect the operator from snow and wind, and tire chains for better traction. Four models offer a gradual step up in clearing width and engine horsepower (all 2-stage motors): PRO-24 (24” wide, 7HP), PRO-28 (28” wide, 8HP), PRO XL-30 (30” wide, 13HP), PRO MAX-34 (34” wide, 14HP); MSRP starts at $799.99. For more information phone: (800) 687-6575; or go online at:


Wildlife research center golden estrus gel

Wildlife Research Center Golden Estrus Gel with Scent Reflex Technology is a thick, sticky attractor that lasts much longer than standard urine scents, for days or even weeks depending on the application and weather. Scent Reflex® is a proprietary break-through technology engineered to enhance attractor scents for stronger, more consistent responses. 100-percent money-back guarantee. MSRP for 2-ounce flip-top bottle $15.99. For more information contact: Wildlife Research Center, Dept. FFG, 14485 Azurite St. N.W., Ramsey, MN 55303; (800) 873-5873;


Foxpro x1

FOXPRO X1 is a powerful yet compact digital caller with a positional Xtreme High Definition speaker that combines a horn with a tweeter for accurate frequency response and improved sound clarity at low or high volume, and an external jack lets you connect another speaker if you want even more volume. Another jack lets you connect a Predator Motion Decoy or other approved device. Recharge the included lithium battery through its own jack. Handle folds out into a stand to provide elevation in challenging locations. Comes with 100 sounds and the capability to store and access up to 300. Remote control displays sound files by category for easy navigation through all of those choices. Remote also has on/off switch, volume up/down, scroll up/down, mute, and much more. Elastomeric keypad makes it easy to use when wearing gloves. Backed by 5-year limited warranty and unmatched customer support; made in the USA. MSRP $399.95. For more information contact: FOXPRO Inc., Dept. FFG, 14 Fox Hollow Drive, Lewistown, PA 17044; (717) 248-2507;


cci ruger 70th anniversay 22lr

CCI Ruger 70th Anniversary 22 LR target loads make a great low-cost addition to the collection of any Ruger enthusiast. The cartridge delivers CCI’s highly accurate and reliable 40-grain lead round-nose bullet at 1,070 ft/s muzzle velocity. The 100-count box features Ruger anniversary artwork, and each cartridge has a unique Ruger headstamp. MSRP $9.99. For more information phone: (800) 379-1732 or go online at:


stevens 320 field grade shotgun

Stevens 320 Field Grade shotgun was already well known for handling any shotshell pumped through it from the heaviest hunting loads to light target shells, and the proven design with rotary bolt and dual slide bars now comes in an updated synthetic stock built to withstand a lifetime of hard hunting. Bottom load with right eject. Modified, Extra-full or Cylinder choke included (depending on model). Nine versions in 12 and 20 gauge with barrel lengths from 22 to 28 inches. Matte black barrel and receiver standard; also offered in Mossy Oak camo patterns. MSRP ranges from $239 to $280. For more information go online at:


The Legends of New York limited edition art print, proudly released by Joe Goodman in partnership with the New York State Trappers Association, features legendary New York trappers Art Crane, E.J. Dailey, O.L. Butcher, Pete Rickard and Johnny Thorpe. The series is limited to 200, all signed and numbered. Prices start at $75 plus $14.95 shipping. For more information, contact: John Rockwood, 114 County Route 30A, Williamstown, NY 13493; (315) 415-4946. Or phone Joe Goodman (614) 863-9456.


bloodsport deadline broadhead

Bloodsport Deadline mechanical broadhead specifically engineered to handle the torque and impact of today’s high-speed hunting crossbows with a 100-grain chisel-tip ferrule made of 7075 aluminum. To maintain field-point accuracy at arrow speeds up to 500 feet-a-second, the 420 stainless-steel blades don’t expand until impact. No O-rings or rubber bands to affect flight or fail. The paired blades instantly open to a full 2-inch cutting diameter that slices a wide swath as the arrow penetrates. MSRP for 3-pack $49.99. For more information, contact: Bloodsport, Dept. FFG, 955 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, FL 34689; (800) 237-4507;


grayl geopress purifier

GRAYL Geopress Purifier provides safe drinking water with one quick press removing 99.99 percent of viruses, bacteria, and protozoan cysts including Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Cholera, Salmonella, Dysentery and more. Filters out particulates like silt and even micro plastics while activated carbon absorbs chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, foul flavors and unwanted odors. Fast flow rate filters the full 24-ounce capacity in 8 seconds. Weighs less than 1 pound. Cartridge rated for 350 cycles (65 gallons). BPA-free construction with polypropylene #5, food-grade silicone, TPE, and ABS food-grade plastics. MSRP $89.95; replacement cartridges $24.95. For more information phone: (877) 293-7861; or go online at:


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