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Traditions NitroFire & Federal Premium FireStick

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Traditions NitroFire is the first muzzleloader designed for the revolutionary new Federal Premium FireStick ignition system. The sealed polymer FireStick contains a charge of clean-burning Hodgdon Triple Eight propellant that has been measured and loaded with the same tight tolerances as Federal Premium factory ammunition, ensuring ignition in any weather with unmatched shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy. The projectile (Smackdown Carnivore bullet in Ridgeback sabot recommended) is loaded the traditional way down the muzzle with a ramrod. Then the shooter opens the NitroFire break-action, inserts a FireStick, a 209 primer in the FireStick, and closes the action. That’s it. The gun is ready to fire, and if it isn’t fired, the charge can be unloaded by simply opening the action and pulling out the FireStick. The bullet can be unloaded by attaching a special jag to the ramrod, inserting it through the empty breech, and pushing the bullet back out the muzzle. The new Hodgdon Triple Eight leaves almost no unburned powder or residue behind, and since the powder is contained in the FireStick, none of it burns directly inside the barrel. The bullet seats on a shelf, not on top of the powder. All of this reduces powder-ring buildup, makes cleaning easier and reduces corrosion. The .50 Traditions NitroFire is a state-of-the-art muzzleloader in its own right with 26-inch 1:28 twist Ultralight Chromoly steel barrel tapered and fluted for optimal weight balance. Elite XT™ trigger system features rebounding hammer, captive half-cock, and a manual Dual Safety that allows the action to be opened with a cross-bolt safety still engaged for truly safe loading, unloading, or just to check the chamber. MSRP for a 10-pack of 100-grain or 120-grain FireSticks $26.99. NitroFire rifle starts at $549. For more information about the FireStick phone: (800) 379-1732 or go online at:; for more information about the NitroFire phone: (860) 388-4656 or go online at:


Black Hills HoneyBadger .357 Magnum delivers a monolithic 127-grain CNC-machined solid copper bullet designed and tuned for optimum performance from either a 6-inch revolver barrel at 1,365 feet a second or an 18-inch carbine barrel at 1,900 ft/s. Patented “standoff” nose design makes the cartridge safe in tubular lever-gun magazines. There is no chance of fragmentation with the solid-copper bullet, even at the higher carbine velocity where the round penetrates 24 inches in ballistic gel with a 6-inch-diameter cavity. Revolver-fired rounds penetrate 18 inches with a 4.5-inch cavity. And the bullet does not need to expand to produce that terminal effect. Flutes precision-machined in the bullet cut and “grab” as it passes though, accelerating radial tissue damage. The bottom line is soft tissue damage equal to or greater than a conventional expanding bullet with superior penetration through bone and other tough tissue. MSRP for 50-count box $79. For more information, phone: (605) 348-5150; or go online at:


Hatsan FlashPup Synthetic QE PCP air rifle is only 32 inches long and weighs just a hair over 6 pounds yet delivers 40 foot-pounds of wallop with a built-in 165cc air cylinder, pressure gauge, and patented anti-knock system that prevents gas-pressure waste. QuietEnergy barrel shroud reduces firing noise up to 50 percent. Easy to use side-cocking lever. Quattro match-grade 2-stage adjustable trigger. Detachable multi-shot spring rotary magazine comes with two self-indexing S/Roto-Index clips and a clip-in single-shot tray for precision shooting. All-weather polymer stock. Rubber butt pad is fully adjustable for elevation and angle; cheek rest also adjusts to assure proper fit for natural sight alignment. Integrated forend picatinny accessory rail. Combination rail atop the precision-rifled and choked steel barrel accepts both picatinny and 11mm optic mounts. Chambered in .177 (maximum velocity 1,250 feet a second); .22 (1,120 ft/s); and .25 (900 ft/s). MSRP $419.99. For more information contact: Hatsan USA, Inc., Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 576, Bentonville, AR 72712; (877) 278-4448;


OGT Survival Axe is stout enough to do some serious damage yet at 11 inches length fits in a glove box or backpack. Weighs just 1.5 pounds with full steel tang imbedded in an ultra-strong glass-filled nylon handle. Hatchet blade comes sharp and is easy to resharpen. Hammer head with claw designed for driving and pulling stakes or nails. Replaceable 6-inch bimetal saw blade folds out of the handle. Car escape tool includes seat belt cutter and window punch. Gas valve shut-off wrench doubles as a bottle opener. It’s the ultimate big-boy multi-tool with 31 truly useful features, and the separate lightweight aluminum Survival Companion Pro fits in the palm of your hand yet provides 21 more tools, including ferrocerium and magnesium fire-starter rods, blade sharpener, whistle, reflective mirror, compass, and thermometer. Detachable belt clip holds screwdriver, bottle and can opener, four hex wrenches, serrated scraper, and ruler. Axe sells for $39.99; Companion Pro $24.99. Contact: OGT, Dept. FFG, 920 Walnut Ave., Madison Lake, MN 56063; (800) 815-4401;


Axeon Optics Dog Soldier scope was designed for serious predator hunting by a serious predator hunter with 4-16X magnification, illuminated mil-dot reticle, and 1/4-MOA turret adjustments that can be made quickly with bare fingers. Right at home on a hard-hitting magnum, a .22-250 Remington, or the ultra long-range 6mm Creedmoor Legend Maker by Cutting Edge Rifles. 50mm objective lens; 30mm tube. Shock rated for 1200Gs. Scope caps included. Limited lifetime warranty. MSRP $249.99. For more information contact: Axeon Optics, Dept. FFG, 7700 Chad Colley Blvd., Fort Smith, AR 72916; (479) 646-4210;


Rite in the Rain True-MOA grid targets mark each quarter-minute to within 1/1000-inch, saving time and ammunition when zeroing in. Traditional “shooter’s MOA” may get you close, but quickly translating the results from 25 meters to long range requires precise measurement. Leading lines and center diamond clearly define point of aim; intuitive scoring rings expand the utility of the target. Reference table provides increment and direction adjustments for common aiming devices. Printed in stark relief on coated card stock that holds up even in the rain. Made in the USA. 100-count pack $19.95. Contact: JL Darling LLC, Dept. FFG, 2614 Pacific Hwy. E., Tacoma, WA 98424; (253) 922-5000;


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