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Shell Portable Power Station


Portable Power Station from Shell and Ten Pao International (an official Shell licensee) offers the all-in-one answer for savvy outdoors people who need to recharge cell phones and other essential devices while also providing off-the-grid power for things like a mini refrigerator. With a capacity of 583Wh, this compact and lightweight rechargeable power reserve is a heavy hitter when it comes to portable electricity. Strong enough to recharge a phone or trail camera while also powering that mini refrigerator, a television, home computer, fan, CPAP medical device, outdoor lighting and much more. With two AC, two DC, three USB-A, USB-C, Wireless, and Car Port outlets the Portable Power Station will charge or power up to 10 devices. If you can plug it in, the portable power station has it covered. Battery Management System protects against over-charge, over-discharge, short circuit, over-voltage and over-current. Smart thermal control with cooling fans ensure long-lived dependability. Recharge the high-capacity built-in Li-ion batteries from 0 to 80 percent in 3.2 hours with included AC adapter, car charger, or compatible 100W solar panel (not included). Built-in high-intensity light and flashing emergency triangle light. Weighs 14.7 pounds; measures 11 by 9 by 7 inches. Available for $399.99 at the Amazon Shell Shop. For more information, go online at:


Al’s Goldfish Lure Co. Helgy is the secret weapon of savvy trout and bass anglers everywhere. A live hellgrammite measures 1 to 3 inches; the Helgy spits the difference at 1-3/4 inches making it an all-round match size. Can be retrieved after a cast, vertically jigged, or trolled. The ice-fishing version comes with a glow-in-the-dark nose for added attraction. When retrieved, the odd shape undulates and wobbles enticingly; when jigged, it flutters on the drop. Plated in 22k gold, nickel or copper; also offered in a variety of painted color patterns. Weight 1/4 ounce. Made in the USA. MSRP $4.49. For more information, phone (413) 543-1524; or go online at:


Hawken Horse self-titled album provides the perfect sound track for a long road trip to a distant hunting camp or a short drive to a local trapline or deer stand. The authentic songs about mountain man life, old-time fur trappers and frontier folk are unlike anything coming out of Nashville or anywhere else, performed with a perfect complement of acoustic instruments. “This record has a Jeremiah Johnson vibe,” says songwriter and band front man Andrew Scott Wills. “If you like history and the outdoors, you’re going to love it.” Stream or download at Spotify, AppleMusic, Amazon Music and other online music sites. CD can be ordered for $15 at:


Ontario Knife Company RAT-3 skinning and caping knives make quick work of big and small game. Skinner features a large belly with deep curvature for skinning or roll chopping. Crafted from 1075 phosphate-coated high-carbon steel, the blade measures 3.75 inches (overall knife length 7.65 inches). The Caper’s narrow 3-inch blade has a curved place on the back for your thumb and a finger choil on the front to assure a comfortable grip with precise blade control. Both knives feature the RAT-3 Micarta handle, which assures a comfortable and sure grip even when wet. Leather sheath with retention strap for belt carry. 100 percent made in the USA. Either knife costs $91.95 on the company website. For more information, contact: Ontario Knife Company, P.O. Box 145-26, Empire Street, Franklinville, NY 14737: (716) 676-5527;


Wildlife Research Center has expanded its line of premium scents in 3-ounce high-output pressurized cans. Bag on Valve system separates these scents from the air used to propel them out of the can assuring that only high-quality propellant-free scent is dispersed. Other spray scent aerosols may be diluted with propellants that contaminate the scent. Additions to the line include Buck Nip®, a powerful curiosity scent made from secret plant derivatives that bring in deer all season long. Golden Scrape® with Scent Reflex® Technology is only made with premium Golden Estrus Scent, intruding Buck Scent, fresh scraped earth, and Territorial Musk™ to perfectly simulate fresh scrape activity. Ideal for scent trails, mock scrapes, real scrapes, and use with the Key-Wicks®. Golden Estrus Elk with Scent Reflex® Technology is a Super Charged® premium elk scent for zeroing in on trophy bulls. 100-percent money-back guarantee. MSRP starts at $15.99. For more information, phone: (800) 873-5873; or go online at:


Remington Premier Bismuth with HEVI-BISMUTH shot retains 44 percent more downrange energy than comparable steel loads. Higher density but smaller shot delivers more pellets per payload whether you are hunting waterfowl or upland game making this the all-season load for ducks or pheasants. Safe to shoot in vintage shotguns. Available in 12, 20, 16 and 28 gauge as well as .410 shells. MSRP starts at $57.99 for 25-count box. For more information, phone: (800) 243-9700; or go online at:


Dominion Game Calls Hen Egg turkey diaphragm call has three reeds with a split-V cut for the perfect balance of milder tones and harshness. Produces steady yelps and mild clucks with minimal rasp, and the versatility lets an experienced caller make a wider range of sounds. MSRP $10.99. For more information, contact: Dominion Game Calls, P.O. Box 18, Martell NE 68404; (402) 794-4351;


ICOtec TNT Rechargeable AA Battery Kit offers an affordable alternative to replacing batteries with 2700mAh of long-lasting power and a 4-hour rapid recharge. Nickel metal hydride AA cells can be recharged 1,200 times saving the cost of 4,800 alkaline batteries. Kit includes four AA batteries, an AA/AAA charger, USB AC/DC auto/home power inverter, and USB cable. MSRP $69.99. For more information, contact: ICOtec, 6415 Angola Rd., Holland, OH 43528; (419) 867-6900 ext 501;


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