Reader Testimonials

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     This is the BEST magazine ever printed. Please NEVER change.


     Gary Isbell
     Trivoli, IL

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     Please accept my subscription. Keep up with presenting information to “real sportsmen.” It is refreshing to find that your articles seemingly do not wanter in the realm of “Fancy Trips” to Africa - or impossible trips to some other far away fields. Please keep your content geared to us regular guys: the farmer, the man in the street, the young student seeking his sporting dreams, and the true sportsman of our nation.

     Warmest personal regards,

     Joe Just
     Waitsburg, WA

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     Just got my October issue over the weekend. I started reading through it and all I could think was "Why did I ever let my subscription lapse!!" After not reading for about a year or so I can guarantee I will never be without my Fur-Fish-Game again!! Thanks so much for the best outdoor magazine ever!!

     Richard Buie
     Ravenna, MI

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     I just want to say thank you for making such a great and realistic magazine for the every-day working man.

I am on my second tour in the Middle East and my amazing wife sends me FUR-FISH-GAME every month. Sometimes I bug her to see if the new issue has came out yet. It's nice to read and learn tips and/or facts about hunting and fishing — and know I can deploy the tactics I read about in your magazine when I return home. Getting wrapped up in one of your many great articles is a good way to escape the day-in and day-out of deployment life. I know I ain't the only one who likes them. My brother is here with me. I pass the magazines off to him when I am done reading them and he feels the same.

So thank you for producing such a well put-together and very informative and interesting magazine.

     Sgt Jared Rector, U.S Army
     somewhere in the Middle East

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     This magazine is by far the best hunting, trapping, and fishing magazine made. Too many outdoor magazines focus on trophy animals, hunts that only rich people can afford to go on, and so forth. F-F-G seems to focus more on what hunting, trapping, and fishing is really about: Enjoying nature by participating in it (not just observing), conserving the natural resources that our country has been blessed with, spending time with family and friends, and of course having fun. Keep up the good work F-F-G!

     Joseph Groth
     Brown Deer, WI

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     When I got your letter a year ago offering a trial subscription of FUR-FISH-GAME I was curious to see if it had changed. I was a subsciber through the 1970s. I was more than a little pleased at how F-F-G had kept true to its philosophy of being a magazine for practical outdoorsmen. So many of the other outdoor magazines are just snobish without any respect for anything that isn't new.
     I really like your magazine and I look forward to its delivery every month. Thank you for your efforts in offering such an outstanding publication.

     Forest Chapman
     Whitesboro, TX

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     I grew up reading FFG because it was one of many outdoor mags my father subscribed to. FFG was always a favorite because it had articles about true outdoormen instead of the commercialized well-dressed trendy types in other mags. I grew up trapping, hunting ginseng, fishing and running coon hounds with my dad and we had a ball. Then I got concerned with other things like girls, rock and roll, cars and then eventually earning a living and raising my family.
     I must confess I had not read your magazine in many years. My springer and I still chase pheasants around but that's about all the hunting I do anymore and I haven't trapped anything bigger than a mouse in a long time. My dad is still around but not in good health. However, he still enjoys reading about the things he used to be able to do so he resubscribed to FFG and I've been getting the back issues. Glad to see that your magazine has remained true to it's roots and has not changed much in the 30 years I've missed(except maybe a few things for the better). Who knows...maybe I'll buy some traps and start a line this fall... Keep up the good work.

     Matt Klages
     Fairmont, MN

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     Thank you for publishing the very best outdoor magazine in North America. Every issue that I receive through the mail, I know I'm going to have a good few days of reading and learning. Unlike other magazines F-F-G doesn't seed the magazine with drug company ads or other big business ads that I neither need or want. Your ability to stay pure to the reader is what keeps me a FUR-FISH-GAME fan.
     Keep up the good work; be proud of FUR-FISH-GAME. I am!

     Joseph Lokovich
     Ludington, MI

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     I had already decided to renew my subscription to your magazine when the March issue arrived. Its contents only served to reinforce my decision and convince me further that yours is the finest outdoor magazine around. I particularly enjoyed the article by Lee Yoakam on harvesting a turkey with his smoothbore flintlock. I achieved the same feat a few seasons back with my Northwest trade gun, and Yoakam's article revived some of my most cherished outdoor memories.
     I also really enjoyed Don Shumaker's article on the life of a woods bum. Who among us hasn't longed to spend more time in the woods and doesn't envy those who do?
     Keep up the fine work and I will continue subscribing. And please don't change a thing.

     John Pierce
     Lewiston, ID

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     This is my favourite magazine, and I'll never stop my subscription. It is true to its roots and more practical than any other. You can't find a trapping magazine like it! Before I was a subscriber, my cousin used to hand them down to me, and he taught me to trap and hunt coyotes with hounds since I was 12. I'm now 25 and my professional career is still immersed in the biological field as a fish and wildlife biologist, thanks to my upbringing and to FUR-FISH-GAME.

     Greg Lunn
     Ontario, Canada

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     FUR-FISH-GAME is the greatest, most complete outdoor magazine ever in print. I still have my first ever purchased F-F-G — and most of them ever since. My first was February 1974! Keep up the good work.

     Ken Stoppler
     West Fargo, ND

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     Just a quick note to thank you for the best outdoor magazine printed today. In my opinion it is the ONLY one worth reading, not filled with a lot of hyped-up baloney that wouldn't be of any use to the average outdoorsman. Not only me (I'm 46), but my father (79), and my son (14), truly enjoy your magazine. Again, thank you for your great work, and hopefully your magazine will be around for many, many years to come.

     Brian Countryman, Sr.
     Remsen, NY

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:


     I first started reading FFG when I was about 12 years old. I couldn’t wait until I had earned enough money and my parents went to town so I could rush to the local news stand and buy my copy. For many years I bought each issue but I slowly got away from hunting and fishing and lost track of FFG. I recently happened to see a copy a friend had brought to work and the memories flooded back. The anticipation of that fabulous cover, the stories inside (I mainly liked the small game stories and those about duck hunting as these were my favorite pastimes). I tore out the subscription blank and sent it in, anxiously awaiting that first edition. Since that time 2 years ago, I’ve relived many fond memories of days afield and thought of all the stories I’d enjoyed in my youth. That lead me on a quest through e-bay for back issues and I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to buy many of the same issues that I’d read some 40 years ago. Please keep up the good work.
     P.S. I’ve just sent in my subscription renewal for another 2 wonderful years of what I consider the #1 hunting/fishing, and the only trapping magazine that I’m familiar with. Please keep up the good work!

     Curtis Trent
     Rustburg, VA

Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

     When I was a kid, I was always looking for Dad's newest issue of FFG, mainly due to the breathtaking cover art.  As I grew up, I started to appreciate and enjoy the articles and tips.  Now, as an adult, with a family, responsibilities, and bills of my own, I can appreciate FFG even more.  Sure, I've had subscriptions to lots of other "Big Name" magazines. And to be honest I'm pretty sick and tired of redundant articles, more advertisements than there are redundant articles (I really don't need six pages of "Male Enhancement" ads for my son to see... Thanks), and "reviews" of gear that I couldn't possibly afford (Yeah, I'm sure the $10,000 Over/Under Shotgun performed admirably). 

     Now, back to why FFG is one of the greatest outdoor magazines in the world:

     1) Diverse articles about all kinds of game, big & small
     2) Trapping in every issue
     3) The adventures of Lew & Charlie... Enough said
     4) Reviews of gear that working folks like me can actually afford
     5) Features and articles that are NOT filled with pictures of nothing but GIANT trophy animals
     (EVERY animal taken is, in my mind, a trophy)
     6) The cover art is good enough to frame
     7) Family-oriented articles and photos
     8) USEFUL articles with actual tips and tricks

     Do I really need to go on?

     Fur-Fish-Game is a tradition in my house and will continue to be one until the day I die.  THANK YOU for all the things you've provided over the years and for the things I'm sure you'll be providing in the future.  Other than continuing my subscription, if there is anything I can do to help promote FFG to others (besides reading it in front of everyone and leaving all issues on display in my house), please let me know.

     John Keltgen
     Cologne, MN


Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

     I just want to thank you for doing it right. I look at a number of outdoor magazines and yours is the only one that truly touches the earth, and those who walk close to it. Forget the "material" on TV. To most of us who have spent real time in the woods, TV is at its best, unreal.
     "The Buck of a Lifetime" story reminds us of the grit and persistence we need to pass on to future hunters. The article on .22 rifle squirrel hunting was excellent. Keep up the classic fiction of Lew & Charlie. Given the state of the world, their old truths may help guide the next generation of outdoorsmen through these changing times. Finally, your "End of the Line" page. I smile each time I see a gray beard and a youth together in those photos. These kids are truly the future.

     Please keep up the good work.

     Peter Lupsha
     Tome, NM


Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

     I love the magazine and read it from cover to cover -- sometimes twice -- every month.
     Thank you so much.

      Ryan Smith
      Wilsie, West Virginia


Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

     I started reading your magazine when I was a child. Now my own children are interested in the hunting and trapping that dad does. This year I had two very upset daughters when I considered not running the line since life had become a little too busy. So, under their pressure -- and my sense of responsibility to get young people into hunting and trapping -- we set a modest line behind our house. This is a small snowshoe line that helps us keep active in the cold Alaskan winters. Last night we were rewarded with our first lynxx of the season. The girls were excited and had a blast helping me skin it out before dinner.
     Thanks for the years of enjoyment I've had reading your magazine. It's fun to share the excitement with children.

      Todd Capistrant
      Healy, Alaska


Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

      I have been a subscriber since the 1960s and continue to look forward to each edition. Yours is the only outdoor publication I have found with real articles about real experiences that real sportsmen and women can really relate to. Not glamour hunts or fishing trips to exotic locales that would require spending a life’s savings. I’m 57 years old and enjoy the diversity found in each issue, and my 8-year-old son reads the magazine with me cover to cover. We both love hunting, fishing, trapping, camping and just being outdoors together.

      Mike Cooper
      West Union, Ohio


Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

     My twin brother, Patrick, and I started trapping when we were nine years old. We are 12 now, and we can't wait for the FUR-FISH-GAME magazine to come each month. We read it cover to cover. When we got permission to trap the slough across from our house, we made some of the "muskrat motels" we had read about and caught 24 muskrats with these floating sets and some 110s set in runs along the shore. We also caught a big buck mink, our first.
     Another article we read in your magazine explained how to make a weasel box. We made eight of them with scrap lumber, and we caught 24 ermine. Three of them were eaten by other critters, but we were able to sell 21.

      Christian McGaffey
      Brandon, Minnesota


Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

     Kudos for resisting the temptation to make money off of advertisements for male enhancement pills and other questionable products. Other outdoor publications contain pages of such advertisement, which, in my estimation, has no place in the hands of young readers. In contrast, the articles in F-F-G, particularly on trapping, cannot be found elsewhere. They are instructional, enjoyable and encourage the young to take up what we fathers and grandfathers have enjoyed and learned from over the years.

     Bob Mass
     Findlay, Ohio


Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

     When I get my magazine each month I don't set it down until I have read every article. Then I take it to the V.A. hospital and let my fellow veterans enjoy it. I have been reading F-F-G since 1965, when I was 10 years old. It's as good as ever. I love the fact there's no political bull — I hate that. Instead, you cover all the things I love about fur, fish and game.

     Tim Falsetta
     Lake Preston, South Dakota


Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

     As times get tougher I find myself constantly looking for ways to trim the budget. I must have bumbed my head! I thought of letting my subscription expire. I had to put things into perspective. You guys offer too much in each issue -- I can't afford to NOT renew! Please keep 'em coming. Entertaining, informative and written by real sportsmen we can relate to.

     Paul Schraudt
     Port Huron, MI


Dear FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine:

     This is my golden anniversary (50 years) of taking F-F-G. I work in a drug and alcohol treatment facility for teenagers, and I have to cut the alcohol and tobacco ads out of the other outdoor magazines. But I can just lay your magazine on the table, because there are no alcohol or tobacco ads. Thanks for keeping it clean.

     John A. Richardson
     Vanleer, Tennessee