Fox Trapping

How to trap fox: describes in detail, land, water and snow sets, making scents, baiting traps, snaring, and still hunting. Perfect for the beginner. 192 pages, 50 illustrations.
Chapters Index

1. General Information
2. Baits and Scents
3. Foxes and Odor
4. Chaff Method, Scent
5. Traps and Hints
6. All Round Land Set
7. Snow Set
8. Trapping Red Fox
9. Red and Grey
10. Wire and Twine Snare
11. Good Fox Sets
12. My First Fox
13. Tennessee Trapper's Method
14. Many Good Methods
15. Fred and the Old Trapper
16. Experienced Trapper's Tricks
17. Reynard Outwitted
18. Fox Shooting
19. A Shrewd Fox
20. Still Hunting the Fox
21. Summer Bounty Trapping
22. The Dirt Hole
Fox Trapping