Otter 2000

100 pages



Trapping Otter

1. Finding Otter
Sign; Travel Routes

2. Equipment

3. Bodygrip Traps
Modifying Bodygrip Traps; Longer Trigger Wires; Setting the Trigger Throw; Tension Adjustable Triggers; Extended, Swiveled Chain; Trap Maintenance; Using Bodygrip Traps; Stabilizing Bodygrip Traps; Guides and Forcing; Submerged Sets

4. Foothold Traps
Modifying Foothold Traps; Chain and Fastening; Pan and Pan Tension; Drowning Sets; Pole Drowner System; Bedding and Stabilizing; Trap Placement

5. Snares

6. Gang Setting
Otter Behavior; Nontarget Animals; Limitations

7. Sets and Locations
Beaver Dams and Ponds; Ponds and Lakes; Bridges and Culverts; Mid-Stream Sets; Small Tributaries; Marshes, Swamps and Sloughs; Land Crossings; Ditches, Dribbles, and Rivulets; Abandoned Beaver Dens and Lodges; Remaking Otter Sets

8. Handling Otter
Singe; Mechanical Skinner; Removing the Pelt; Fleshing; Stretching

Otter 2000
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