The Mink Trappers Guide - 2nd Edition

240 pages



1. The Mink
The Mink, Himself; Mink Habits and the Trapper

2. Preparing the Line
Scouting; Maps; What to Look For; Feeder Streams; Big Streams; Reservoirs, Lakes and Marshes; Preseason Preparation; Two and Three Day Checks

3. Gearing Up
Foot-grippers; Body-grippers; The Tunnel Trap; Snares; Live Traps; Dyeing and Waxing; Equipment; Bait; Lure; Urine; Feathers/Fur/Plastic; Coverings; Getting Around

4. Set Construction
Placing the Trap; Guides

5. The Sets
The Pocket Set; The High Pocket; The Elbow Set; Trail Sets; Natural Holes; Drift Pile Sets; Culverts and Bridges; The Dirthole Set; The Coni-Board; Tunnel Sets; Boxes; The Sandwich Set; Deep Water Mink

6. Line Management
The First Day; Check Days; Gang Setting; Which Set to Use; Working the Elements; Drowning Sets; Incidentals; The Human Factor; Developing the Line; Record Keeping; Night Checks; At Day's End

7. After the Catch
Fur Handling; Marketing

8. References
Recommended Reading; Sources of Products and Services; Animal Damage Control; Bait Fisherman; Beaver Pond Books; Thank you
The Mink Trappers Guide - 2nd Edition
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