Russ Carman's Raccoon Trapping Methods

51 pages



1. Habits & Peculiarities
2. Prospecting
3. Traps & Equipment
4. Trap Treatment
5. Fastening Traps
6. Lures
7. Baits
8. Split Lines
9. Sets:
The Pocket Set; High Pocket Set; Water Line Pocket Set; Dry Pocket Set; The Bait Stone Set; Sluice Sets; Bridge Sets; Log Sets; Blind Sets; The Dirt Hole Set; A Good Bait Set; Hollow Log or Tree Set; Shiny Pan Set; Stump Set; Lone Tree Set; Cubby Sets; Spring Run Sets; Trail Sets; Leaning Log Set; Den Sets

10. The Secret of Making Large Catches of Coon
11. Skinning & Pelt Handling:
Fleshing; Stretching

12. Making Fish Oil
13. Carman's Raccoon Lures & Baits:
Raccoon Lure No. 1; Raccoon Lure No. 2; Raccoon Bait
Russ Carman's Raccoon Trapping Methods
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