Animal Tracks

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Preface to the Third Edition

Key to Tracks
Introduction: What Has Happened Here?
Species Accounts
1. Family Didelphidae: Opossums; Virginia Opossum
2. Family Soricidae: Shrews: Arctic Shrew, American Water Shrew, Northern Short-tailed Shrew, Pygmy Shrew, Least Shrew, Crawford's Desert Shrew
3. Family Talpidae: Moles: Townsend's Mole, Eastern Mole, Broad-footed Mole, Hairy-tailed Mole, Star-nosed Mole, American Shrew Mole
4. Order Chiroptera: Bats: Long-eared Myotis, Eastern Red Bat, Hoary Bat, Little Brown Myotis
5. Family Dasypodidae: Armadillos: Nine-banded Armadillo
6. Family Ochotonidae: Pikas: Collared and American Pikas
7. Family Leporidae: Hares and Rabbits: Pygmy Rabbit, Cottontails, Marsh and Swamp Rabbits, Snowshoe Hare, Arctic and Alaskan Hares, Black-tailed and Antelope Jackrabbits, White-tailed Jackrabbit, European hare
8. Order Rodentia: Rodents: Aplodontia or Mountain Beaver, Chipmunks, Yellow-bellied Marmot, Hoary Marmot, and Woodchuck, Ground Squirrels, Prairie Dogs, Gray, Fox, and Albert's Squirrels, Red and Douglas's Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, Pocket Gophers, Pocket Mice, Kangaroo Rats and Kangaroo Mice, American Beaver, Rice and Cotton Rats, Harvest Mice, White-footed Mice and Deer Mice, Grasshopper Mice, Woodrats, Norway Rat, House Mouse, Meadow Vole and Others, Woodland Vole, Sagebrush Vole, Bog Lemmings, and Red-backed Voles, Tree Voles, Common Muskrat, Collared and Brown Lemmings, Jumping Mice, North American Porcupine, Agoutis, Paca
9. Family Canidae: Dogs, Foxes, and Wolves: Domestic Dog, Coyote, Gray Wolf and Red Wolf, Arctic Fox, Kit and Swift Foxes, Red Fox, Common Gray Fox
10. Family Ursidae: Bears: Black and Brown (Grizzly) Bears, Polar Bear
11. Family Otariidae: Hair Seal; Family Phocidae: Eared Seals: Harbor Seal, California Sea Lion
12. Family Procyonidae: Raccoons, Ringtails, and Coatis: Ringtail, Northern Raccoon, White-nosed Coati, Kinkajou
13. Family Mustelidae: Weasels, Otters, and Badgers: American Marten, Fisher, Ermine, Long-tailed Weasel, and Least Weasel, Black-footed Ferret, American Mink, Tayra, Wolverine, American Badger, Northern River Otter, Sea Otter
14. Family Mephitidae: Skunks: Eastern and Western Spotted Skunks, Striped, Hooded, and White-backed Hog-nosed Skunks
15. Family Felidae: Cats: Domestic Cat, Cougar or Mountain Lion, Ocelot, Jaguarundi, Canada Lynx, Bobcat, Jaguar

Superorder Ungulata: Hoofed Animals
16. Family Equidae: Horse and Burro
17. Family Suidae: Domestic Pig and Wild Boar
18. Family Tayassuidae: Collared Peccary or Javelina
19. Family Cervidae: Elk, Deer, Moose, Caribou, and Reindeer Elk or Wapiti, While-tailed Deer, Mule and Black-tailed Deer, Moose, Caribou and Reindeer
20. Family Antilocapridae: Pronghorn or Antelope
21. Family Bovidae: Bison, Cattle, Goats, Muskox, and Sheep: American Bison or Buffalo, Domestic Cattle, Mountain Goat, Domestic Goat, Muskox, Dall's and Bighorn Sheep, Domestic Sheep
22. Family Tapiridae: Baird's Tapir

Amphibians and Reptiles
Insects and Other Invertebrates
Twigs and Limbs
Bone and Horn Chewing
Animal Tracks
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