Coyote Trapping

86 pages



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1. Coyote 101: Coyote Behavior
2. Coyote 102: Coyote Studies
3. Let's Grab our Coyote Equipment and Get Started
4. What Traps to Use and How to Get Them Ready for Season
5. Earth Anchors: Trap Stakes That'll Hold a Coyote
6. Locating Coyotes on a Grander Scale - Where and Why
7. Locating Coyotes on a Micro Scale - Where and Why
8. Effective Coyote Sets: Remember the 45!
9. Snaring Coyotes the Right Way
10. Lures, Baits, Urines and Visual Attractors
11. Milking Skunks Along the Way
12. Weather-Proof Coyote Sets
Coyote Trapping
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