Beaver 2000

108 pages


1. Habits and Habitat
2. Equipment: Shovel; Ax & Saw; Stakes; Wire; Boots and Gauntlets; Packbasket; Lure
3. Foothold Traps: Trap Size; Trap Placement; Modification and Adjustment; Fastening System
4. Bodygrip Traps: Trap Size; Stabilizing Bodygrip Traps; Dive Poles; Modification; Setting Bodygrip Traps; Fastening Bodygrip Traps; Safety with Bodygrip Traps
5. Snares: The Snare; Placing Snares; Fastening System
6. Sets
7. Mound Sets: Existing Castor Mounds; Artificial Castor Mound; Mound in Shallow Water
8. Channel Sets: Set in a Beaver Channel; Natural Dive in a Beaver Channel; Choke Point Set; Small Tributary Set
9. Trail Sets: Dam Crossover; Bank Trails; Artificial Trails
10. Other Sets: Dam Break Set; Lure Draw Set; Beach Set
Beaver 2000
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