50 Years a Hunter & Trapper


318 pages

Chapters Index

1. Autobiography of E. N. Woodcock
2. Early Experiences
3. My First Real Trapping Experience
4. Some Early Experiences
5. Some Early Experiences (Concluded)
6. A Hunt on the Kinzua
7. My Last Hunt on the Kinzua
8. Fred and the Old Trapper
9. Bears in 1870 Today - Other Notes
10. Incidents Connected with Bear Trapping
11. Pacific Coast Trip
12. Some Michigan Trips
13. Hunting & Trapping in Cameron Co., Pa., in 1869
14. Hunting and Trapping in Cameron Co.
15. Trapping and Bee Hunting
16. Hits and Misses on the Trail
17. Lost in the Woods
18. Traps and Other Hints for Trappers
19. Camps and Camping
20. Deer Hunt Turned into a Bear Hunt
21. Dog on the Trap Line
22. Two Cases of Buck Fever
23. Partner a Necessity
24. A Few Words on Deadfalls
25. Advice from a Veteran
26. The Screech of the Panther
27. Handling Raw Furs and Other Notes
28. The Passing of the Fur Bearer
29. Destruction of Game and Game Birds
30. Southern Experiences on the Trap Line
31. On the Trap and Trot Line in the South
32. Trapping in Alabama
33. Some Early Experiences
34. The White Deer
35. A Day of Luck
36. A Mixed Bag
50 Years a Hunter & Trapper