The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 11

“Slightly past noon it happened. An arrow struck the floor of the boat between Charlie’s feet, sinking deeply into the wood...”

Lew and Charlie are two stand-up guys who rely on their outdoor skills to survive in the wilderness hunting, trapping, and fishing. They also solve mysteries, catch crooks, and rescue damsels in distress. Perhaps best described as an old-fashioned adventure serial, the stories have been a favorite of FUR-FISH-GAME readers for years. For this, the eleventh and FINAL Lew and Charlie book, we've followed the first ten books' lead and published FIVE more stories: Hazzard House, Jungle Quest, Operation Arctic, Island Cache, and Lost Island (aka: Lost Valley). If you love reading the Lew and Charlie serials in the magazine, but hate waiting each month for the next chapter, here's your chance to enjoy the complete tales on your own schedule, in your own time. Order today!

332 pages

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Lew & Charlie Vol 11 e-Pub

The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 11

Hazzard House

Jungle Quest

Operation Arctic

Island Cache

Lost Island (aka: Lost Valley)
The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 11
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