Journal of a Trapper

By Osborne Russell

Chapter One - Expedition Left Independence, MO., April 28, 1834, Headed by Nathaniel J. Wyeth

Chapter Two - Meeting with Captain B.S. Bonneville and Party—Establishment of the Trading Post at Fort Hall
Chapter Three - Snake Valley, a Winter Resort for Trappers—Hunting Party Suffers from Hunger—One Member Lost
Chapter Four - Description of a “Fall Hunt”—Abram Patterson Drowned—Attacked by Indians, One Man Wounded
Chapter Five - “Jackson’s Hole”—A Dismal Fourth of July Experience Which Is Terminated Without Serious Mishap--Lost
Chapter Six - In the Yellowstone Country—A Garden of Eden Inhabited by Small Party of Snake Indians
Chapter Seven - Encounter with the Blackfeet Indians—Join Bridger’s Party for Protection and Assistance
Chapter Eight - Dispatched for Horses—Perfidy of Leader Suspected—Two Days Without Water—Finally Reaches Fort Hall
Chapter Nine - Enlistment Expires and the Author Joins Bridger’s Company as a Trapper—Bull Meat Straight
Chapter Ten - Rendezvous at Green River—Meeting Revs. Whitman and Spaulding and Their Wives on Their Way to Oregon
Chapter Eleven - Interesting Description of What is Now Known as Yellowstone National Park
Chapter Twelve - Laughable and Serious Engagements with Bands of Blackfeet Indians—“Howell’s Encampment”
Chapter Thirteen - Brilliant Display of “Northern Lights” Probably Averts Annihilation of the Camp by Indians
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Journal of a Trapper
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