Master Trappers

By Tom Miranda

Illustrated by Joe Goodman

Master Trappers begins in the infancy of North America's exploration and chronicles the men who build the trapping industry from the native trappers to French traders and weaving a history through the mountain men, pioneer trappers, cottage industry trappers, and so much more.Learn the evolution of trapping technique and theory, along with the detailed biographies of many of the most productive and innovative trappers in history.

388 pages, hardcover, oversized 8-1/2" X 11"

Forward by Raymond Thompson
Introduction by Author

1. Fur Traders
Pre-History; Famous Voyagers; French Fur Traders; Hudsonís Bay Company; Centennial.

2. Scouts & Mountain Men
Explorers; Scouts; Mountain Men; Coulter; Glass; Smith; Bridger; Carson; Johnson; Newhouse & the Early Fur Companies; Parr.

3. Pioneer Trappers
Fur Trapping Expansion; F.C. Taylor; Funsten Brothers; Andersch Brothers; Sears Roebuck & Company; A.R. Harding; Dailey; Thompson; Lynch; Arnold; Wood; Dahms.

4. Cottage Industry Trappers
Entrepreneurial Trappers; Butcher; Lenon; Nelson; Hawbaker; Rickard; Authors Biography Part 1.

5. Long-Line Trappers
Commercial Trappers; Weiland; Leggett; Thorpe; O'Gorman; Milligan; Jim Churchill; Authors Biography Part 2.

6. Expert Trappers
Top Trappers; Boddicker; Dobbins; Krause; Askins; Corr; Stewart; Stearns; Authors Biography Part 3.

7. Lure Business
Lure Makers & Supply Dealers; Carman; Winkler; Grimshaw; Caven; Cronk; Authors Biography Part 4.

8. Coonmen
Raccoon Trapping Theory with Barringer; Hemsath; Kaatz; Authors Biography Part 5.

9. Minkmen
Mink Tapping Theory with Grigg; Hall; Spencer; Powell; Humberg; Smythe; Authors Biography Part 6.

10. Foxmen
Fox Trapping Theory with June; Truman; Ziegler; Rue; Authors Biography Part 7.

11. Beavermen
Beaver & Otter Trapping Theory with Olson; Dunnier; Johnson; Hauser; Corradi; Authors Biography Part 8.

12. Wolfers
Coyote Trapping Theory with Carroll; Grawe; Sterling; Zagger; Welch; Authors Biography Part 9.

13. Wilderness Trappers
Wilderness Trapping with Negus; Wilson; Trepus; Sterling; Authors Biography Part 10.

14. Catmen
Cat Trapping Theory with Pedersen; DeRocco; Lord; Herbst; Authors Biography Part 11.

15. Lessons Learned
Final Thoughts; Authors Biography Part 12.

Special Thanks
Artist Joe Goodman
Master Trappers
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