The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 8

"Charlie started for the door. But he had to halt. A solid sheet of flame formed a barrier he did not dare penetrate. They were trapped inside the inferno..."

Lew and Charlie are two stand-up guys who rely on their outdoor skills to survive in the wilderness hunting, trapping, and fishing. They also solve mysteries, catch crooks, and rescue damsels in distress. Perhaps best described as an old-fashioned adventure serial, the stories have been a favorite of FUR-FISH-GAME readers for years. For this, the eighth Lew and Charlie book, we've followed the first seven books' lead and published three more stories: Game Trails at Shadow Lake, Dark River, and Forty Below. If you love reading the Lew and Charlie serials in the magazine, but hate waiting each month for the next chapter, here's your chance to enjoy the complete tales on your own schedule, in your own time. Order today!

202 pages

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Lew & Charlie Vol 8 e-Pub

The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 8

Table of Contents:

Game Trails at Shadow Lake
Chapter 1 – We Seem to Have Company
Chapter 2 – A Queer String of Fish
Chapter 3 – Like Some Insect Specimen
Chapter 4 – I Believe I’ll Be Killed
Chapter 5 – A Safe Kind of Murder
Chapter 6 – You Broke the Law Yourselves
Chapter 7 – A Shot and a Scream
Chapter 8 – We’re Trappers, Not Detectives
Chapter 9 – We’re Being Framed!
Chapter 10 – A Haymaker to the Jaw
Chapter 11 – Cracking the Case Wide Open

Dark River
Chapter 1 – Year-Old Trails Grow Cold
Chapter 2 – A Green Light for Murder
Chapter 3 – A Bullet Sings the Blues
Chapter 4 – I Should Poke His Jaw!
Chapter 5 – Guides for the Day
Chapter 6 – Moose Guides for a Day
Chapter 7 – Blackmail Gets 10 Years
Chapter 8 – Charlie Puts Out Bait
Chapter 9 – They Think We’re Dopes
Chapter 10 – Lew Is Out on a Limb
Chapter 11 – Giving Away Five G’s
Chapter 12 – Lew’s Appetite Returns

Forty Below
Chapter 1 – Half a Ton of Meat
Chapter 2 – North Towards the Pole
Chapter 3 – Strangers Pay a Visit
Chapter 4 – A Land of Hunger
Chapter 5 – Bullets Thick as Bees
Chapter 6 – A Dangerous Game
Chapter 7 – Disaster in the Night
Chapter 8 – We Are Truly Marooned
Chapter 9 – Charlie Has a Plan
Chapter 10 – Lew Plays a Lone Hand
Chapter 11 – Showdown
Chapter 12 – Bigger Game than Bear
The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 8
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