The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 7

"One side of the pilot’s cockpit had been blasted away. The engine was dead, and the pilot had been blown out of his seat... Charlie sprang forward as the plane started to nose over and plunge into the sea."

Lew and Charlie are two stand-up guys who rely on their outdoor skills to survive in the wilderness hunting, trapping, and fishing. They also solve mysteries, catch crooks, and rescue damsels in distress. Perhaps best described as an old-fashioned adventure serial, the stories have been a favorite of FUR-FISH-GAME readers for years. For this, the seventh Lew and Charlie book, we've followed the first six books' lead and published three more stories: Danger Isle, Alaska Trail, and Pacific Outpost. If you love reading the Lew and Charlie serials in the magazine, but hate waiting each month for the next chapter, here's your chance to enjoy the complete tales on your own schedule, in your own time. Order today!

220 pages

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Lew & Charlie Vol 7 e-Pub

The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 7

Table of Contents:

Danger Isle
Chapter 1 – War in the Pacific
Chapter 2 – Never a Dull Moment
Chapter 3 – Dead Man on the Floor
Chapter 4 – Charlie Borrows a Boat
Chapter 5 – Disappearing Men
Chapter 6 – Molly Has a Mishap
Chapter 7 – The Secret of the Cliff
Chapter 8 – Cargoes of Death
Chapter 9 – Prisoners of War
Chapter 10 – Poison Gas
Chapter 11 – Cave Full of Death
Chapter 12 – A Voice from the Fog

Alaska Trail
Chapter 1 – Some Dead Men Do Talk
Chapter 2 – Monkey Business
Chapter 3 – A Cry for Help
Chapter 4 – More Business for the Morgue
Chapter 5 – Lew Buys a Bear Gun
Chapter 6 – Lew’s Dancing Lesson
Chapter 7 – They Plan a Raid
Chapter 8 – A Light in the Sky
Chapter 9 – High Gear into Danger
Chapter 10 – Bullet Through the Windshield
Chapter 11 – The Phantom Highway
Chapter 12 – The Battle in the Mine

Pacific Outpost
Chapter 1 – Nosedive into Danger
Chapter 2 – Crash Landing
Chapter 3 – You Can’t Eat Tin Fish
Chapter 4 – A Thief in the Night
Chapter 5 – I Smell a Fish
Chapter 6 – Death Scores a Miss
Chapter 7 – Charlie Opens a Grave
Chapter 8 – A Hidden Cache
Chapter 9 – Trapped!
Chapter 10 – Dead Man Decoy
Chapter 11 – The Score is Five
Chapter 12 – Now I Know How a Rabbit Feels
The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 7
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