E.J. Dailey: The Last Adirondack Trapper 1889-1973

By Scot H. Dahms

E.J. Dailey: The Last Adirondack Trapper, 1889-1973


1. The Man
Family; Life

2. The Trapper
Knowledge; The Dirt Hole Set

3. The Traplines
Solitary; Spot Trapper; Johnny Sneakem; St. Lawrence County Beaver; Bear

4. Dick Wood and Cold River
Influence; Cabin Life; Too Much Snow; Safety

5. Other Partners
Ned Fisher; Jack Harper; Ray Waite; Edgar Altemus; Dune Burrows; “Frenchy” Madill; Vaughn Tingley; Jimmy Cox; Ansil “Dutch” Dailey; Hank McDonald; Gene Rheaume

6. Other Trappers
Harry Phyffe; Les Hammond; Johnny Raquette; Milke Brothers; Eddie Keith; Glenn Rowe; Vernon O. Bailey; Donald Jack Anderson

7. The Professor
Schools in Session; Personal Trapping Instructions; Question Box Editor; Dalton Eddy; Bob Johnson; Alfred Gordon; Bill Gokey; Keith Landies; John Rockwood

8. The Businessman
Business as Usual; Photography; Field Specialist; Trapper for Hire; Leslie E. Smith; Lure; Sales Tax

9. The Conservationist
Importance; Poison; Gibbs; Red Fox

10. The Leader
American Trappers Association; Bounties; Stocking; Pacific Coast; Robert S. Oaks; Pennsylvania Trappers Association; New York State Trappers Association

11. The Anti-Steel Trap League and “Rich Fox and Raccoon Hunters”
Opposition; South Carolina; Georgia; Massachusetts; California; New Jersey; New Hampshire; Arkansas; Wisconsin; Maryland; Ohio; Kentucky; Missouri

12. Evolution of the Legend

References in Chronological Order

296 pages, hundreds of photos, paperback
E.J. Dailey: The Last Adirondack Trapper 1889-1973
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