Fisher Trapping - Pennsylvania Foothold Methods

By Ralph Scherder & Rich Faler

If you love the wilds of the mountains, the hiss of snow against hemlock needles, and the stiff December breezes that snake around the high ridges, then you'll love the pursuit for fisher - a fox sized mink that symbolizes the Far North and wilderness places. These pages will show you how to put together the puzzle pieces which make up the trapping tapestry. It's a challenge and a love. It's a pursuit which will leave you wanting many more days afield.


Table of Contents

Foreword by Mark June


1. How to Become a Fisher Trapper – Ralph’s Perspective
2. Pennsylvania Fishers Then and Now
3. Where and How They Hunt
4. Set Locations
5. Lures & Baits
6. Traps & Modifications
7. Grapples & Securing Traps
8. Types of Sets & Trap Placement
9. Bedding the Trap
10. Weatherproofing
11. Trapline Strategies
12. Fur Handling
13. Our First Fisher Season—A Magic Moment! – Rich’s Perspective
14. Photo Album – More Shots from the Fisher Trapline

Biographies – Ralph Scherder, Rich Faler

96 pages, many color photos, paperback

Fisher Trapping - Pennsylvania Foothold Methods
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