Canines 2000

112 pages


1. The Canines
2. Clean Trapping
3. Equipment
4. Traps: Trap Sizes; Modifying & Improving Canine Traps; Chains & Swivels; Pan, Notch & Dog; Pan Tension; Other Modifications; Terminal Fasteners; Trap Preparation; Snares
5. Lure, Bait, & Urine: Lure; Use & Application; Bait; Urine; Scent Attractors & Air Currents
6. Location: General Location; Specific Location
7. Basic Set Construction: Bedding & Stabilizing Traps; Covering Traps; Forcing; Blending Trap Coverings; Trap Placement
8. Hole Sets: The Standard Dirthole Set; The Mouse Hole Set; Double Hole Sets
9. Flat Sets: The Standard Flat Set; The Post Set
10. Specialized Sets: Remake Set; Projection Set; Upside-down Dirthole; Chaff Pile Set; Trench Set; Trail Set; Gang Setting
11. Snare Sets: Open Trail Sets; Wooded Trails; Bait Station Set; Crawl-Under Set
12. Foul Weather Trapping: Wet Weather; Freezing Weather
13. Dispatching: Dispatching Skunks
Canines 2000
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