Snaring 2000

100 pages



1. Historical Perspective

2. The Steel Cable Snare
Cable; Locks; End Fasteners; Ferrules; Other Hardware

3. Making Snares
Used Snares; Tools; Assembling Snares; Final Adjustment; Special Considerations; Preparing Snares

4. Snaring Theory & Application
How a Snare Works; Basic Snare Sets; How Snares Differ from Traps

5. Lethal & Non-Lethal Snaring
Making the Choice; What Makes a Snare Lethal; Entanglement; Lethal Components

6. Fastening Snares
Staking Snares; Solid Anchoring Systems; Snares on Drags; Snare Extensions

7. Stabilizing Snares
Support Wire; Fastening the Support Wire to the Snare; Positioning the Snare

8. Sets with Snares
Open Trail Sets; Brushy or Wooded Trail Sets; Bait Station Sets; Crawl-Under or Fence Sets; By-Pass Sets; Remake Sets; Avoiding Deer & Livestock

9. Specific Recommendations
Coyote; Fox; Coon; Beaver

10. Problems in Snaring
Techniques; Fur Damage

Snaring 2000
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