Bear Baiter's Manual

224 pages, color photos

1. Understanding Black Bears and Their Environment
Sense of Smell; Sense of Eyesight; Predators vs Prey; Color and Night Vision; Visual Acuity; Sense of Hearing; Sense of Taste; Sense of Touch; Do Bears Have a Sixth Sense?; Hyperphagia and Hibernation; Home Ranges

2. Choosing a General Bait Location
Tech Talk; Land Features; Technology in the Woods; Access Is Important; Terrain Features and Natural Foods

3. Choosing a Specific Bait Location
Bedding Areas; Know the Area Intimately; Mountains and Steep Slopes; the Perfect Spot

4. Preparing the Site and Tree Stand Placement
Weeding Out the Unproductive; the Right Tree; Shooting Lanes and Site Improvement; Backing

5. The Right Bait
Scents for Opening a Bait; Starting Baits; Keep Them Coming Back; Mix and Match; Acquiring Bait; Oil and Grease; Leave It to Beavers; Bears' Personalities; Keeping Baits

6. Baiting Strategies
The System; Balanced Diet; Bait Opening Strategies; Honey and Bacon Burns; When to Use Commercial Bear Scents; How Much Bait Is the Right Amount; How Often Should You Bait; Positioning Baits; Barrel Strategies; the Roller Barrel; Small Holes and Big Holes; Multiple Barrels; Frequency of Baiting Barrels

7. Targeting Mature, Trophy Boars
Understanding Scent Is a Deal-Breaker; Big Bears Are Different; More Bait Less Often; Types of Bait for Big Bears; Locating Baits for Big Bears

8. Trail Camera Tactics
Interpreting Trail Camera Photos; Flash or No Flash; Time Settings; Protecting Your Cameras; Checking Cams Before You Hunt

9. Winning the Bug Battle
Clothing; Liquid Repellents; ThermaCELL

10. Trouble-Shooting Guide
Those Darn Acorns; When Baits Go Dead; Nocturnal Bears; Sows with Cubs; Bears that Pattern You

11. A Bit About Weapons
Broadheads: Expandables or Fixed Blades; Rifles; Shotguns and Muzzleloaders; Crossbows; Handguns

Bonus Features
Spring Hunts vs Fall Hunts; Youngsters in the Woods; Treestand Choices; Too Much Chocolate; You Are What You Eat; Wheels for Bear; Getting Your Bear Out; Hang 'Em High; 'Shroom Cravings; Choosing a Carry Gun

Appendix I
Bear Hunting Laws for US and Canada

Appendix II
Survey Results
Bear Baiter's Manual
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