The Trap Collectors Guide, 2nd Edition

252 page, color photos

About the Authors

Contributors to our book

Terminology and Information/Beginning Collector

How to Measure Round and Unusual Traps

Care and Maintenance of Collector Traps

Perils of Researching Trap Manufacturing

Identifying a Trap’s Value

Section One

Price Guide from A to Z
Trapline Accessories
Den Smokers
Trapping Lures
Trap Setting Tools & Skinning Gambrels
Steel Trap Cigars, Johnny Muskrat Knife, etc
Chains Used in Trap Production
Fur Companies and Catalogs

Section Two – Bear Traps

Identifying a Trap's Value
Vintage Bear Traps
New Generation Bear Traps

Section Three – History of Many Unique Traps

The Good 'Ole Days
Wartime Effects on Trap Manufacturers
A.R. Harding and His Work
Adirondack Instant Death Trap
Alligator Game Traps
Armadillo Gibbs Live Trap
Bigelow Traps
Blake Lame and Co.
Bunker Trap
Conibear Trap
Cortland Trap Company
Crago Clutch Traps
Crescent Traps
Diamond Brand Traps
Eclipse Folding Traps
Government Traps
Government Stampings
ATC #3 Wave Jaw
Hand Forged Trap Makers
Nebraska Trail Trap
Newhouse Miniature Souvenir Trap
Nisbet Traps
Redford's Humane Animal Trap
Sabo Trap
St. Louis Killer
History of Triumph Trap Co.
Perfect Triumph - Life of "Bob" Kinsley
Henry A. Constantine, Pres. Oneida Game Trap Co.
Trap Guns, Taylor Fur Getter
Verbail Trap Co.
"Dick" Wood, Triumph Field Specialist
Woodward Death Clamp
The Perils of Trap Manufacturing & Collecting
Steel Trap's Role in History
The Trap Collectors Guide, 2nd Edition
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