Trapping Techniques for Beginners

Trapping Techniques for Beginners
(Trapline 2000 Revised)

By Hal Sullivan

148 pages


1. The Trapper:
Renewable Resources and Conservation; Ethics and Responsible Trapping; The Future of Trapping

2. Traps and Equipment:
Foothold Traps Basics, Theory and Application, Adjustments and Modifications; Bodygrip Traps Basics, Theory and Application, Adjustments and Modifications; Snares - Design and Use of Snares, Lethal and Nonlethal Sets, Setting Snares; Other Traps; Trap Care and Maintenance Cleaning, Coating; Miscellaneous Equipment

3. Fastening Systems:
Hardware Swivels, Terminal Fasteners, Wire; Nonlethal Fastening Systems Entanglement, Heavy or Immobile Anchors; Stakes; Drags and Grapples; Releasing and Dispatching Animals; Lethal Fastening Systems Entanglement, Simple Drowning Systems, Slide Wire Drowning Systems

4. Basic Elements of a Set:
The Trap - Bedding and Stabilizing, Trap Placement, Forces and Guides, Covering Traps; Water Sets; Attractors - Sight Attractors, Scent Attractors; Location Habitat, Animal Sign, Natural Features

5. Basic Sets:
Blind Set; Pocket Set; Dirthole Set; Flat Set

6. Furbearing Animals:
Muskrats; Raccoons; Mink; Canines; Skunks and Opossums; Beaver

7. Fur Handling:
Preparation; Tools Gloves, Knives, Skinning Gambrel, Brushes and Fur Combs, Specialty Tools; Case Skinning - The Opening Cuts, Removing the Pelt, Special Considerations; Fleshing - Special Considerations; Stretching and Drying; Freezing Fur; Handling Beaver Pelts; Dimensions for Wood Stretchers


Trapping Techniques for Beginners
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