Gilsvik's Best

231 pages



1. Tips for Beginners
Good Reasons for Trapping; Scouting; Backyard Bonanzas; Planning Ahead for a Better Season; A Lighter Look at Trapping Terminology

2. How-to Basics
Trapline Tips; Clean Traps & Equipment for Fox & Coyote; Improving Dirt Trapping Skills; Techniques for Trail Sets; Tips for Positioning Traps; Practice Makes Perfect When Putting Up Pelts; Handling Legs and Tails; Beaver Damage Control Trapline; Simple Sets Best for Mixed-bag Trapping

3. Trapping Equipment and Lures
Using Lure and Bait; Luring Animals with Big Baits in Winter; Using the Body-Grip Trap; Using Buckets, Boxes, & Cubbies

4. The Furbearers
Trapping Muskrats ; Winter Prime Mink; Trapping Coyotes in Forest Terrain; Snaring Winter Fox and Coyote; Trapping Wild Cats and Fishers; Beaver Snaring Tactics; Spring Beaver Trapping Leaves Bob Exhausted; Martin Trapping

5. Life of the Trapper
Trapline Rollar Coaster Ride; The Icy Winter Settles In; Perfecting a Personal Style on the Trapline
Gilsvik's Best
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