Big-Buck Bobcats (DVD)

With Tom Krause

Big-buck Bobcats is a new Tom Krause dvd loaded with creative methods for taking bobcats wherever they roam. An astounding two hours and 20 minutes. You can expect a different approach to finding set locations. Expect new sets that are found nowhere else. See why cats are learning about snares faster than trappers, and how to take those cats in snares consistently, anyway. See cat attractors that will blow you and the cats away. Learn how to take cat after cat in the same sets, adapt to freezing, snow and cold weather, and take home those high dollar cats that shy away from other’s sets.

You'll also learn to improvise with the McDonald’s set, use colors to your advantage, and turn some medium sized cats into extra large sizes.

Cats are the highest-dollar furs on many traplines — this video is your shortcut to success.

2 hours and 20 minutes
Big-Buck Bobcats (DVD)