Marten Trapping (DVD)

With Bob Noonan

Bob Noonan has trapped marten in Maine and Alaska, and has conducted detailed interviews with numerous marten trappers from America to Canada. Packed with detailed information from years of sources and experience, Marten Trapping contains in-depth demonstrations of modern equipment, anchoring systems, bait and lure usage, and a number of various sets, including one using extremely light, portable, inexpensive equipment.

Longline marten trapper Jerry Braley also shows up to offer two effective sets of his own, including a #220 pole set designed to take both marten and fisher.

So come along on a marten trapline you'll never forget, as you enjoy the wintery beauty of Maine, and learn the skills you need to become an advanced marten trapper. 135 minutes - DVD
Marten Trapping (DVD)