Bottom Edge Mink Trapping (DVD)

With Bob Noonan

Bob Noonan has trapped mink for over 50 years, and has interviewed dozens of mink trappers across the continent. He is very familiar with fluctuating water levels, ice, and snow that plague mink trappers. In 1993 he worked with Kenny Smythe of Midland, Michigan to write a book on Kenny's groundbreaking new underwater bottom edge mink set, which revolutionized mink trapping because it remained operating in harsh weather conditions. Bob himself has taken hundreds of mink with this set.

Harsh weather drives mink off the banks and into the water in search of frogs, muskrats, and fish — this set catches them constantly there.

Location is the heart of this set, and in this DVD Bob shows and explains in detail how to find and set up productive locations. You'll see numerous set locations and mink catches. This DVD will truly revolutionize your mink trapline, extend your season, make your work easier, and increase your catch! 120 Minutes DVD 
Bottom Edge Mink Trapping (DVD)