Trapper's Guide to Using Essential Oils, Essences, Powders & Crystals

40 pages



1. Moving Ahead By Looking Back (Learning from the Past)
2. Soak Method for Expanding Lure Odors
3. Learning and Working with Small Quantities
4. Targeting a Species
5. Words of Interest to Lure Makers
6. Products:
Acorn; Amber; Ambrette Musk Crystals; Anethole Oil; Anise Oil; Apple; Balsam; Banana Essence; Bergamot Oil; Birch Oil; Lanolin; Cinnamon; Citron; Cranberry; Cherry; Catnip; Caramel Essence; Calamus; Carrot Pure Seed Oil and Ordinary; Cheese Essence; Synthetic Fermented Egg (SFE); Grape Essence and Grape Flavoring; Licorice; Eucalyptus; Fennel; Fig Oil; Sodium Benzoate Powder (Bait Maker's Compound); Asafoetida Powdered Gum; Tallow; Cumin; Cummings; Chenopodium; Geranium; Pennyroyal; Peppermint; Spearmint; Thyme; Lavender; Laurel; Lime; Sweet Flag; Wintergreen; Orris; Rhodium; Loganberry; Mandarin; Myrrh; Persimmon; Blueberry; Honeysuckle; Raspberry; Strawberry; Valerian; Vanilla; Honey Essence; Lovage Powder; Prune; Pecan, Walnut; Poplar; Shellfish, Shrimp, Clam, Crawfish (Crawdad); Muscaro Musk; Sweet Musk; Sweet Corn; Glycerin, Propylene Glycol; Canton; Tonquin; Tonka Bean; Oakmoss Resinoid; Phenyl Acetic Acid; Sassafras; Smoke Fragrance Oil; Ketone Musk Crystals, Tibetene Musk Crystals; Molasses Fortifier; Mulberry; Ambergris; Rosebud; Rue; White Musk Crystals; Civet Musk; Ylang-Ylang; Zinc Valerate Powder
7. "Little Black Book" Formulas:
Muscaro Musk; Sweet Musk; Muskrat-Raccoon Call; Wildberry Buffet; Pocket-Cubby-Bucket Lure
8. Lanolin Based Lures
9. Storing Products
Trapper's Guide to Using Essential Oils, Essences, Powders & Crystals
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