Quarter & De-Bone Big Game (DVD)

With Brad Lockwood

Harvesting big game in a remote location is a rewarding and challenging experience. The meat from these magnificent animals is regarded by hunters as the best table fare in the world.

Learn along as Brad Lockwood instructs you from multiple camera angles and extreme close ups, the step by step methods of quartering and de-boning an elk in the field.

Learn all the techniques for keeping your animal clean and removing every pound of precious meat from the carcass. This is essential information to minimize carry weight and maximize total yield by cutting and packing out only the edible meat portions.

Bonus features on Chronic Wasting Disease and microorganisms that hunters need to be aware of and much more. This video is a must have for every do-it-yourself big game hunter who ventures out west or hunts deer, elk, caribou or moose in a remote location.

Run Time: 110 minutes of knowledge
Quarter & De-Bone Big Game (DVD)