Autobiography of Leggett's Fox Trapping Methods

52 pages




1. Background
Pete Leggett, Ron Leggett

2. Priorities

3. Red Fox

4. Grey Fox

5. Understanding the Fox

6. Pre-Season Planning

7. Traps and stakes
Traps, Stakes, Snares

8. Trap Treatment and Adjustment
Trap Treatment, Trap Pan Adjustment

9. Trapline Equipment

10. Lures
Call Lures

11. Urine
Saving High Quality Urine, Usage, K-9 Exciter Lures

12. Bait

13. Anti-Freeze for Soil

14. Set Locations

15. Step-Down Dirthole Sets
The Deep Step-Down Dirthole Set, The Tapered Step-Down Dirthole Set, Reconstruction After Catch

16. Sprung Traps

17. Digger Fox

18. Pelt Handling

19. Miscellaneous
Changing Traps, Untargeted Catches, Handling Skunks
Autobiography of Leggett's Fox Trapping Methods
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