Guide To Trapping

202 pages


Guide to Trapping
Preparing Your Trapline

1. What to Expect From Your Trapline
2. Appropriate Traps for Various Furbearers
3. Trap Fastening and Swiveling Techniques
4. Is "Clean" Trapping Worth the Bother?
5. The Basics of Eye Appeal
6. Scouting and Other Pre-Season Preparation
7. Maximizing Your Efficiency
8. Priceless Tips for the Trapper

Making Your Sets
9. Raccoon
10. Muskrat
11. Mink
12. Otter
13. Beaver
14. Coyote, Gray Fox, Bobcat, and Red Fox
15. The Lowly Ones: Skunk and Opossum
16. Dealing With Live Catches
When You're Not Trapping
17. Efficient Fur Handling and Marketing
18. Post-Season Chores
19. Trappers' Conventions and Other Learning Opportunities

Guide To Trapping
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