Trails to Successful Trapping

This book describes several methods of preparing land, water and snow sets. Tells how to make scents and trap mink, fox coyote, wolf, opossum, raccoon, beaver, otter, and bear. 170 pages, 20 chapters, 30 illustrations.
Chapters Index

1. Trapper's Life and Work Out of Season
2. Baits and Scents
3. Restoring Wild Life
4. Beavers, Their Habits, and How to Trap Them
5. The Otter
6. The Mink
7. Muskrats and How to Trap Them
8. Wolf and Coyote
9. The Fox
10. Snow Set for Fox and Wolf
11. The Bobcat
12. Fisher or Black Cat
13. The Opossum
14. The Raccoon
15. The Skunk
16. The Weasel or Ermine
17. Skinning and Preparing Pelts for Market
18. Cleaning and Deodorizing Traps
19. The Black Bear - His Habits and Cunning Ways
20. Bear Hunting in Northern Maine
Trails to Successful Trapping