Mink Trapping

Reliable information on where and how to set, including land, water, blind sets, baits and scent to use, methods in Northern and Southern states, size and care of skins. 171 pages, 20 chapters, 50 illustrations.
Chapters Index

1. General Information
2. Mink and Their Habits
3. Size and Care of Skins
4. Good and Lasting Baits
5. Bait and Scent
6. Places to Set
7. Indian Methods
8. Mink Trapping on the Prairie
9. Southern Methods
10. Northern Methods
11. Unusual Ways
12. Illinois Trapper's Method
13. Experienced Trapper's Ways
14. Many Good Methods
15. Salt Set
16. Log and Other Sets
17. Points for the Young Trapper
18. Proper Size Traps
19. Deadfalls
Mink Trapping