Mink Raising

Tells how to select breeding stock, selecting a location, housing and feeding of mother and young, treament of disease. 222 pages.
Chapters Index

1. Supply and Demand
2. Description of Mink
3. Shall I Raise Mink?
4. Selecting a Location for Mink
5. Selecting Mink Stock
6. Raising Wild Mink
7. Mink Pens and Nest Boxes
8. Feeding and Watering Mink
9. Sanitation
10. Breeding and Handling Mink
11. Care of Mother Mink and Young
12. Shipping Mink
13. Killing, Skinning, Stretching Mink
14. Mink Diseases and Treatment
15. Q&A about Mink Diseases
16. Marten Raising
17. Fisher Raising
Mink Raising