Home Manufacture of Furs & Skins

Explains how to make more money from your raw furs by tanning, dyeing and manufacturing. 283 pages, 34 chapters, 91 illustrations.
Chapters Index

1. Facts & General Principles for Fur & Skin Workers
2. Correct Modes of Skinning Fur Animals
3. Stretching and Curing Fur Skins
4. Handling Other Skins and Hides
5. Storing and Shipping Raw Furs
6. Indian Skin Dressing
7. Indian Fur Robes
8. Tools and Appliances for Tanning and Dressing
9. Tanning Materials and Terms
10. Tanning Formulas and Recipes
11. Preliminary Work, Soaking, Fleshing, De-greasing
12. Softening and Cleaning Skins
13. Small or Light Furs
14. Heavy Furs
15. Deer Skins and Buckskin
16. Sheep and Goat Skins
17. Miscellaneous Skins - Gator, Snake, Birds, Etc.
18. Fur Dyeing - Uses and Principles
19. Dyeing Material and Appliances
20. Colors and Formulas
21. Furriers' Tools and Supplies
22. Making Up Furs and Garments
23. Fur Robes
24. Fur Rugs, With and Without Mounted Heads
25. Trimmings and Natural Heads and Tails
26. Collars, Cuffs and Odd Pieces
27. Coats and Capes
28. Caps, Mittens and Gloves
29. Muffs and Neckpieces
30. Moccasins and Pacs
31. Utilizing Fur Waste
32. Cleaning, Repairing and Storing
33. Prices for Tanning and Other Fur Work
34. Appendix
Home Manufacture of Furs & Skins