New Products - September 2018

SD Card Reader

double bull souround view blinds

Wildgame Innovations SD Card Reader makes it easy to quickly check trail camera images in the field with a cell phone—no internet or cell service required. Just remove the SD card from the trail camera and place it in the reader. Apple version connects to any compatible Apple phone or other device via the charging port. Android version includes a Type C connector. Apps for both versions are free. MSRP for Apple reader: $39.99. Android version: $14.99. For more information, phone: (800) 847-8269; or go online at:


Hawke first focal plane scopes

Hawke First Focal Plane scopes solve one of the more vexing challenges of long-range sighting with constant Mil/MOA values throughout the entire power range of the scope. This is achieved by mounting the reticle forward of the erector tube and forward of the magnification lens, making the reticle appear to increase in size as magnification power increases, keeping the reticle’s holdover aim points true. The flagship Hawke Frontier line features the new technology in five-power multiple 5-25x56mm and 3-15x50mm scopes. MIL EXT Reticle was designed specifically for these scopes with half-mil spacing to 10 mil of holdover to provide precise aim points even at extreme distances. The 1/10 MRAD exposed locking turret assures precise adjustment. Infinite-range parallax adjustment side focus; fast-focus eyebell and zoom ring with thumb lever for easy adjustment; 21-layer fully multi-coated lenses for extreme clarity; glass-etched reticles with illumination at six levels of adjustable brightness with off positions in between. Ultra-strong 30mm mono tube. Long eye-relief accommodates the high-recoil of magnum calibers. The Hawke Sidewinder line offers similar performance in four-multiple variable scopes at a more budget-friendly price. MSRP for Sidewinder scopes start at $579.99; Frontier scopes start at $729.99. For more information phone: (877) 429-5347; or go online at:


Pyramyd Air SCBA tanks

Pyramyd Air teamed up with Air Venturi and Digital Wave to restore expired SCBA tanks so they can be used to safely fill PCP airgun reservoirs. Restored tanks meet all Department of Transportation safety standards. They have up to 14 years useful life remaining yet cost as much as $200 less than a comparable new tank. Airgunners can purchase higher-capacity carbon fiber tanks for less than the cost of smaller systems. Options include DIN 300 valves and fill hoses with female quick-disconnect couplings. MSRP starts at $449.99. For more information, phone: (888) 262-4867; or go online at:


Warne USL ScopeLevel

Warne USL Scope Level retracts into its own 6061 aluminum housing even when attached to the scope, protecting the unit when not in use. Operationally ambidextrous; weighs less than an ounce. Made for scopes with 1-inch, 30mm, 34mm and 35mm tubes. MSRP: $99.99. For more information, phone: (800) 683-5590; or go online at:


Trulock Boar Blaster

Trulock Boar Blaster Choke tightens large-pellet patterns with five parallel steps leading into the parallel section. Every brand of 00/000 buckshot tested consistently grouped pellets at least 20-percent tighter than Full choke at 40 yards. Buckshot in these sizes is more than adequate to bring down the biggest hog, and a shotgun can be the best choice in close quarters because it is designed to be swung on moving targets. The .030 constriction also consistently provided more uniform patterns than regular Full choke, and Trulock engineers noted that even though there were fewer pellets in 2-3/4-inch shells, a lethal load of those pellets consistently landed in the kill zone when using the Boar Blaster choke. Shooting the lighter shells reduces recoil, and that can also decrease recovery time for faster follow-up shots. Will fit most popular 12-gauge hunting shotguns with screw-in chokes. MSRP: $55.99. For more information, phone: (229) 762-4678; or visit:


Sightmark .380 ACP laser boresight

Sightmark .380 ACP Laser Boresight is ideal for bore sighting a .380 pistol at any range from 15 yards out to 100 yards. Far more accurate than a muzzle-attached bore sight, the little laser “cartridge” chambers directly in the firearm like a normal round, providing precise alignment with the bore. Durable brass construction also assures smooth chambering and ejection. Two AG5 batteries provide 1 full hour of laser light and are included along with a carrying case. MSRP: $35.99. For more information phone: (817) 225-0310; or go online at:


lee auto breech lock pro

Lee Auto Breech Lock Pro four-station progressive press could not be easier to set up and operate: install the shell plate and a set of Lee dies and start reloading. When you’re finished, remove the dies with a twist of the wrist. Quick-change breech lock bushings provide perfect alignment with no vertical play. Automatic indexing advances the shell plate to the next position. Drop a case through the frame, and the case inserter installs it into the shell plate. Comes with large and small primer arms and lets you change primer size in seconds with no adjustments or tiny parts to fumble or lose. Through ram disposal collects the spent primers and carries them through a spent primer disposal tube. Built-in tool rack for the included hex key wrenches also has a spot for primer arm storage. Ergonomic wood-grip roller handle. Case feeding, powder dispensing, and bullet feeding can be automated with Lee accessories. MSRP: $150. Contact: Lee Precision, Inc., Dept. FFG, 4275 Highway U, Hartford, WI 53027; (262) 673-3075;


avian x-stand

Avian X-Stand lets waterfowl field hunters set and pick up decoy spreads faster than ever. Two 48-inch-long U-shaped sections of powder-coated steel unfold to form a stable platform with four 16-inch-high uprights that have the same four-way end as the single stake that comes with an Avian-X decoy. Stable yet unrestricted movement that deploys in seconds. Kit includes six stands to hold a total of 24 decoys. No more hammering or drilling to set motion stakes. MSRP: $159.99. Contact: Avian-X, Dept. FFG, 30 Park Dr., Port Clinton, OH 43452; (877) 534-2263;


outdoor edge chowpal

Outdoor Edge ChowPal offers an innovative approach to outdoor eating by incorporating multi-tool functionality with a can opener, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver and wrench set incorporated into a nested fork and folding knife/spoon that lock together but easily slide apart when you are ready to chow down. Crafted from 420J2 stainless steel; lightweight and compact at 2.4 ounces and 6.5 inches long. Orange nylon carry pouch included. MSRP: $27.50. For more information, contact: Outdoor Edge, Dept. FFG, 5000 Osage St., Suite 800, Denver, CO 80221; (800) 477-3343;


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