New Products - August 2018

Double Bull SurroundView Blinds

double bull souround view blinds

Double Bull SurroundView Blinds are made with an exclusive fabric that works like a two-way mirror. The hunter inside is hidden from view yet can look right through the walls of the blind and see everything going on outside. Pinholes in the fabric create the illusion. In a camouflage pattern the holes are not seen and the wall appears solid. Yet the same fabric colored solid black on the inside allows a near-transparent view as the hunter’s eyes and mind disregard the black between the pinholes. Outside comes in Primos Truth Camo, a pattern specifically designed for large applications at ground level, such as blinds. The pattern works spring, summer or fall. Blinds offered in three models: SurroundView 360, SurroundView 270 and SurroundView 180. The 360 has four see-through walls, 60-inch floor space, 70-inch height, and the same 180-degree shoot-through window found in the Double Bull Deluxe Blind. Blackout curtain can be positioned on any inside wall to hide hunters at the window. The slightly smaller SurroundView 270 has three see-through walls, port-style shooting windows and a larger horizontal window above the rod and hub system. The smaller SurroundView 180 has two see-through walls with the same window configuration as the larger 270. MSRP: $299 for SurroundView 180; $399 for the 270; and $499 for the 360. For more information go online at:


Sig Sauer ballistic data xchange rangefinder

SIG SAUER Ballistic Data Xchange rangefinders and scopes use integrated Applied Ballistics® technology and wireless Bluetooth® to instantly compute and display the correct holdover aim point for shots out to 800 yards. Download the SIG BDX app to a smartphone, pair the KILO BDX rangefinder and SIERRA3BDX scope, set up a basic ballistic profile for the cartridge, and you’re ready to shoot. Range a distant target, and the correct aim point instantly appears on the scope reticle. SIG SAUER kinetic energy transfer indicator even tells you when the bullet’s energy drops below a threshold you set, helping you make ethical long-range shot choices. Scopes come in 3.5-10x42mm, 4.5-14x44mm, 4.5-14x50mm, and 6.5-20x52mm; MSRP starting at $599.99. Rangefinder MSRP $299.99. All covered by SIG SAUER Infinite Guarantee with electronic components under a limited 5-year warranty. For more information go online at:


G5 BMP Field Tips

G5 BMP Field Tips have the same weight distribution, size and dynamics as the matching G5 Dead Meat and Montec broadheads, letting bowhunters sight in, train and practice with a field point that flies to the same point of impact as their hunting broadhead even at extended ranges. No need to retune the bow when switching from field points to broadheads. Wear and tear on targets the same as with regular field points. 100-percent stainless steel. MSRP $17.95 (3 pack). For more information, phone: (866) 456-8836; or go online at:


KenneTrek safari boot

Kenetrek Safari early-season desert boots feature a new Django outsole made from a soft yet durable rubber compound that allows wearers to be sneaky quiet on the hunt. The superior sole is complemented with durable 2.5mm full-grain leather uppers. Breathable wicking Cambrelle linings ward off overheating. Extra-padded soft collar and a flex notch upper for slipper-like comfort. MSRP $365. Contact: Kenetrek Boots, Dept. FFG, 96 Northstar Lane, Bozeman, MT 59718; (800) 232-6064;


Federal premium 224 Valkyrie

Federal Premium 224 Valkyrie transforms the MSR 15 platform, shattering accepted boundaries of ballistic performance with extremely flat trajectories and supersonic match accuracy beyond 1,000 yards. Significantly less wind drift and drop than other loads in the same class. Less than half the recoil of larger cartridges with comparable ballistics. Offered in 90-grain Gold Medal® Sierra MatchKing®; 90-grain Fusion® MSR; 75-grain American Eagle® TMJ; 60-grain Nosler® Ballistic Tip®. MSRP for 20-count boxes from $13.95 to $31.95. For more information go online at:


Pulsar ultra IR illuminators

Pulsar Ultra IR Illuminators attach to the sides of Pulsar Digisight Ultra models to enhance their utility with increased detection and identification range for nighttime predators, hogs and varmints. Designed to align flawlessly with the Digisight field of view. High-powered LED IR illuminator provides three different brightness settings. Variable beam control focuses the illumination from spot to flood. IP55 water resistance. MSRP $179.99. For more information phone: (817) 225-0310; or go online at:


Redding Reloading 20 nosler standard 2-die and deluxe 3-die sets

Redding Reloading 20 Nosler Standard 2-Die and Deluxe 3-Die Sets allow precision reloading for the new extreme-velocity round, letting a serious handloader truly make this cartridge his own with a wide variety of bullets and powders available. The 20 Nosler is sure to impact varmint hunting, and these 100-percent American-made Redding dies can only make that impact even greater. Accessories like Bullet Seating Micrometers in Standard and VLD configurations as well as Carbide Expanders also available as upgrades. MSRP $140. To request a 2018 Redding Catalog, phone: (607) 753-3331; or go online at:


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