New Products - June 2018

Sig Sauer ASP20 Air Rifle

sig sauer asp20 air rifle

SIG SAUER ASP20 air rifle delivers down-range power and accuracy with the lightest cocking effort in its class, making it the ideal break-barrel single-shot .177 or .22 for hunting small game. Proprietary GlideLite™ mechanism cocks at 33 pounds instead of the typical 48 to 52 pounds. Powerful gas piston then fires .8.64-grain .177 lead pellets at 1,021 feet a second; .22 achieves 841 ft/s with 14.65-grain lead pellet. Down-range accuracy and retained energy are both better with lead projectiles leaving the barrel at subsonic speed rather than lightweight alloy projectiles fired at supersonic speed. Shorter, larger-diameter action also brings the pivot point closer to the body making the rifle even easier to cock and also better balanced for shooting. ASP MatchLite® two-stage trigger can be user-adjusted to smoothly break at 2.5 to 4 pounds. Proprietary breech-lock precisely aligns the rifled steel barrel to the action for consistent accuracy. Safety located outside the trigger guard for easy engagement with trigger finger on right or left hand. Offered in synthetic or wood stock. MSRP: $399.99 for synthetic, wood stock $489.99. For more information go online at:


Walker Silencer BT

Walker Silencer BT next generation Sound Activated Compression technology automatically adjusts for the level of potentially damaging noises, optimizing hearing protection in any situation. The high-performance digital ear buds also integrate Bluetooth with a smart phone app that lets you stream music and take phone calls. The free app also allows independent volume adjustment for each ear. Selectable modes include Universal for overall amplification, Speech Clarity to reduce ambient noise and enhance vocal frequencies, High Frequency & Power Boost to hear exactly what you need to hear. Comes with a USB cable dock for recharging the integrated lithium battery. Set includes three sizes of Sure-Lock™ sizing fins and three sizes of foam tips for a sealed fit. MSRP: $299.99. Contact: Walker’s, Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 535189, Grand Prairie, TX 75053-5189; (877) 269-8490;


Lyman brass smith ideal reloading press

Lyman Brass Smith Ideal reloading press is built to last on a cast-iron C-frame with all steel parts. The 3-7/8-inch opening can handle all pistol calibers and rifle cartridges with a loaded length up to 3.7 inches. Compound linkage with 1-inch-diameter ram for leverage. Accepts 7/8 x14 thread dies and standard shell holders. Centrally positioned ball handle for ambidextrous use. Compact size requires minimal bench space; weight 12.6 pounds. Durable powder coat finish. Ideal for new reloaders or as an auxiliary press for experienced reloaders who want to perform a separate operation from their main press. MSRP: $99.95. Contact: Lyman Products, Dept. FFG, 475 Smith St., Middletown, CT 06457; (860) 632-2020;


New archery products snapshot

New Archery Products’ SnapShot patented bowfishing broadhead allows the fastest, easiest removal of arrows from shot fish. To remove a fish, simply push the point all the way through and rotate the wire prongs forward. Rotate back, and the arrow is ready to shoot again. Durable hardened steel and stainless steel easily hold up to 50-pound fish. Comes with an Own The Night glow-in-the-dark arrow shaft for nighttime bowfishing. MSRP: $19.99. Contact: NAP, Dept. FFG, 7500 Industrial Dr., Forest Park, IL 60130; (800) 323-1279;


cci vnt .17 hmr

CCI VNT .17 HMR varmint cartridges feature a Speer® bullet with an extremely thin jacket and polymer tip designed to deliver a flat trajectory, superb long-range accuracy and then explosive terminal performance on impact—the perfect cartridge for hunting varmints with a .17 HMR. Extremely reliable CCI priming and specialized powders for clean, consistent ignition. 50-count box MSRP: $17.95. For more information go online at:


traditios outfitter G2 rifle

Traditions Outfitter G2 single-shot break-action rifle is now chambered in .450 Bushmaster and .444 Marlin. Lightweight yet extremely accurate with an 11-degree target crown at the muzzle of a 22-inch Lothar Walther fluted barrel. Larger calibers, including the .450 Bushmaster, come with a muzzle break. Transfer bar and trigger block safety. Also chambered in .357 Mag, .35 Whelen, .44 Mag, .45-70, and .35 Rem. The new youth model .243 has the point of balance moved back for smaller shooters. MSRP ranges from $439-$586. For more information contact: Traditions Firearms, Dept. FFG, 1375 Boston Post Rd., P.O. Box 776, Old Saybrook, CT 06475; (860) 388-4656;


glorynock lighted nocks

GloryNock™ bowstring-activated lighted nocks make it easy to follow arrows in flight and then quickly retrieve hit game or arrows that miss. The LED stays lit more than 20 hours. No hole in the nock to collect blood or other contaminants. Available in a range of colors. Made in the USA. MSRP: $9.99 or $24.99 for a 3-pack. For more information go online at:


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