New Products - March 2017

Rock-Solid Shooting Rest

sig sauer echo1 thermal reflex sight

LockedOn 360 provides a rock-solid rest for shooting at any angle from a permanent tree stand or ground blind. Also greatly reduces felt recoil for fast, accurate follow-up shots. Between shots, the gun stays in the vise pointed safely downrange. Base mounts to a tree stand shooting rail or a blind windowsill; top portion with padded vise can be rotated up, down or side to side. This independent two-part design means you may mount bases on several stands and only need one upper unit. Simply slide the rotating vise top out of one base and into the next. Precision-machined for strength, durability and smooth, silent rotation. Includes a bracket to hold a GoPro or Garmin for hands-free filming of the hunt. MSRP $249. Contact: (706) 977-0505;


Savage Arms A22 22LR

Savage Arms A22 22LR semiautomatic .22 rimfire rifles sport the same modern looks as the Savage Arms A17—the first high-performance semiautomatic specifically built for the .17 HMR cartridge. The A22 22LR features straight-blowback action, the same thread-in headspace system as the brand’s centerfire rifles, 10-round rotary magazine, and a lightweight aluminum receiver machined from billet. AccuTrigger provides a crisp, clean trigger pull that is fully adjustable by the shooter. Button-rifled barrel; all-weather composite stock; adjustable sights; drilled and tapped for scope mounts. MSRP $281. Contact:


ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Gear Wetland Seat

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Gear Wetland Seat is ideal for hunting flooded timber or marshland. Drive the aluminum base leg bottom wedge into the ground for a firm foothold. Then extend the side feet onto the ground surface to give more support and prevent the seat sinking deeper. The padded oval seat is 12 by 8 inches, has a non-slip surface, and folds flat against the frame for easy storage. Lightweight with shoulder strap for easy carry. Handy D-ring for hanging a game strap or gear. MSRP $49.99. Contact: Delta Waterfowl Gear, Dept. FFG, 4575 Hwy. 185, New Haven, MO 63068; (800) 344-2577;


PolyCase Sport Utility Ammo lead free bullets

PolyCase Sport Utility Ammo copper-polymer blend lead-free bullets are range-friendly with less recoil than comparable rounds with lead bullets, and unlike other jacketed frangible ammo, the Inceptor® RNP can be shot at hardened steel with safe distances measured in feet not yards, making it ideal practice/training ammo. Perfectly matched to the performance of Inceptor Preferred Defense™ and Ruger self-defense ammunition. Available in .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 Auto and .38 Special. Made in the USA. MSRP begins at $17.99 for 50-round box. Contact:


delta mckenzie big daddy buck deer target

Delta McKenzie Big Daddy Buck deer target’s oversized Duraflex self-healing foam body replicates a 250-pound-plus whitetail buck. Universal tournament scoring on one side and heart vital shot placement on the other for hunting practice. Cross-body dovetail design assembles in under one minute and locks the legs for stability through thousands of shots. Field points and broadheads both slide in and back out. Replacement body available. MSRP: $249.99. Contact: Delta McKenzie, Dept. FFG, 5040 Harold Gatty Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84116; (801) 539-1400;


Lightforce 140 enforcer compact spotlight

Lightforce 140 Enforcer red/white variable power compact spotlight is ideal for hunting predators at night, blood tracking a deer, setting up camp in the dark or even launching a search and rescue mission. Flip the toggle switch to change back and forth between high-intensity red or white light. Fresnel lens with built-in focusing mechanism also allows instant adjustment from a wide beam to a long-distance spot for superior illumination at a distance. Built-in battery with LED charge-indicator has a run time of 4 hours; attach the optional clip-on Enforcer battery for a run time of 22.5 hours. Sealed from rain and dust; vented to protect against moisture buildup. Weighs less than 1 pound; 3-year warranty. MSRP $259. Contact: Lightforce USA, Dept. FFG, 336 Hazen Ln., Orofino, ID 83544; (877) 510-9204;


Frankford arsenal perfect seat hand primer

Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat Hand Primer is specifically engineered to avoid over-seating; also eliminates the risk of crushing a primer. Adjustment dial precisely moves the seating depth .001 inch at a time across a total range of .050. Once the depth is set, simply squeeze the handle. Integrated positive hard-stop will never seat primers deeper than the specified depth, much better than a “squeeze until it feels right” approach. Tray holds 100-plus small or large primers. Quick thumb release system for switching from small to large primers. Twelve shell holders cover 652 different calibers. Die-cast zinc body; steel internal components. Heavy-duty injection-molded storage and carry case. MSRP $79.99; Contact: Battenfeld Technologies, Dept. FFG, 2501 Lemone Industrial Blvd., Columbia, MO 65201; (573) 445-9200;


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