New Products - February 2017

Thermal Reflex Sight

sig sauer echo1 thermal reflex sight

Sig Sauer ECHO1 Thermal Reflex Sight combines the fast target acquisition of a reflex sight with the latest in thermal imaging technology, making it a true game-changer for hunting hogs or predators day or night. May be used with both eyes open for intuitive target acquisition and improved situational awareness. Targeting range 300 yards-plus with electronic zoom from 1x to 2x. Thermal detection at 1,000 yards-plus day or night in dust, fog, haze or foliage. Eight display modes for optimal image contrast against any background. Field of view 3.2 by 4.5 degrees. Comes with five reticles and the option to upload more. Digital windage adjustment range 100 MOA. Top-mount peep sight and ROMEO1 adapter plate for backup sights. M1913 Picatinny cross-slot STANAG compliant mount. Length 4.3 inches; weight 14.7 ounces. 8-hour run time. IPX-6 waterproof. Fully transferable unlimited lifetime guarantee (electronic and tritium component coverage ends 5 years from manufacturing date). Designed in Oregon and assembled in the USA. Contact: S.S.I., Customer Service Dept./FFG, 72 Pease Blvd., Newington, NH 03801; (603) 610-3000;


Pro Ears Pro 200 Series

Pro Ears Pro 200 Series electronic ear muffs have been updated with a new look and also a 25-percent price reduction. Super compact with unique DLCS™ compression technology and dual circuit boards for truly personalized hearing protection. Very comfortable to wear with a durable spring-form steel headband (optional behind-the-head style headband also offered). Available in seven modern patterns and colors. MSRP $99.99. Contact: Altus Brands Pro Ears, Dept. FFG, 6893 Sullivan Rd., Grawn, MI 49637; (800) 891-3660;


Sportz camo truck tent 57 series

Sportz Camo Truck Tent 57 Series assembles in the bed of a pickup truck to provide comfortable sleeping for two adults with 5.7 feet of headroom and a sewn-in floor. Side vents, two large windows and middle divider for optimal ventilation. Full rain fly keeps everything dry. Four-foot awning securely fastens to the tailgate. Rear access lets you reach directly into a cab with a sliding rear window. Easily packs into the expandable carry bag. Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity™ Camouflage pattern. MSRP: $329.99. For more information, contact: Napier Outdoors, Dept. FFG, 2315 Whirlpool Dr., Suite 161, Niagara Falls, NY 14305; (800) 567-2434;


ihunt extreme dimension xsb speaker and app

iHunt Extreme Dimension XSB Speaker and App turns your phone into a complete game calling system with wireless Bluetooth technology. Can be paired to any Android or iOS device. Does not require a cell signal. Sync the speaker with the phone, download the free app, and then use the phone as a remote controller from up to 40 yards away. More than 700 sounds from 50 animals—including the wolf. MSRP $39.99. Online at: or phone (800) 891-3660.


hodgdon cfe blk spherical powder

Hodgdon CFE BLK is a new Spherical powder specifically formulated for the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge. CFE BLK™ joins the Hodgdon line of “copper fouling erasing” powders alongside CFE 223™ and CFE Pistol™. Meters like a dream, and same as the other CFE powders leaves no copper residue, which helps to maintain accuracy for more shots and also makes clean-up afterwards quick and easy. CFE BLK provides full function for AR-type rifles throughout the full range of bullet weights, including reduced subsonic loads. Also provides top performance for the 6.8 Remington SPC and the 7.62X39 MM Russian cartridge. Also performs flawlessly in smaller cases, including high-speed varmint cartridges like the .17 Hornet, .17 Ackley Hornet, .218 Bee, .221 Fireball and many more. Complete loading data on the Hodgdon Reloading Data Center website. MSRP for 1-pound container $25.99; also available in 8-pound containers. Contact: Hodgdon Powder Co., Dept. FFG, 6430 Vista Drive, Shawnee, KS 66218; (913) 362-9455;


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