New Products - June 2016

Klax Ultra Field Ax & Multi Tool

Klecker Knives Klax multi tool ax


Klecker Knives Klax compact multi tool leaves room for more gear and supplies in the pack. This one tool provides an Ax, Hammer, Carving Knife, Ulu Knife (for food prep), Gut Hook, Bottle Opener, Hex Bit Driver, Nut Wrenches (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4-inch), Ruler, Carabiner and Lanyard Loop. Patent-pending clamping lets you quickly and securely attach the head to a tree branch to make a fully functional ax. Two opposing clamps rotate out of the head and swivel into place. After splitting the end of the branch with the ax blade, insert the ax head into the split portion and use the two clamps to securely lock it in place by turning a small knob at the rear of the ax. To tighten further, hit the hammer face of the head on a log and snug up the adjustment screw. Optional hardwood handle also available. Offered in Lumberjack stainless steel and also Titanium at half the weight. For a more basic tool, the Feller uses paracord to secure the head to the handle tomahawk style. MSRP starts at $140. Contact: Klecker Knives and Tools, Dept. FFG, 205 Oak Street, Suite B, Silverton OR 97381; (503) 871-9755;


Millennium outdoors the claw

Millennium Outdoors The Claw grips tighter the harder you pull against it. Set in the ground, tie a guy line to it, and whatever is on the other end of that line stays put. At the end of each leg a heavy spike angles back toward the center. The tie-down line is secured to an eyebolt in the center top. Force applied to the line causes the arms to flex slightly, forcing the spikes in and deeper into the ground. The legs are lightweight aircraft aluminum with a safety yellow coating. More reliable than stakes and more convenient than screw-in anchors which can be difficult to install and stick up above the ground. If you drive over a low-profile Claw, it won’t even puncture the tire. Comes in various configurations, all with a lifetime warranty. MSRP begins at $23. Contact: Millennium Outdoors (601) 932-5832;


air venture smart shot bbs

Air Venturi Smart Shot BBs with double copper plating around a lead core offer exceptional ricochet resistance because they flatten and drop rather than rebound like steel BBs. Yet the copper plating provides enough rigidity to prevent deformation in the gun barrel and also in spring-loaded magazines. They also hit harder than steel BBs because of the much denser lead, even though they’re the same 4.35 diameter. It’s been 95 years since mass-produced lead BBs last offered the option of using BB guns to safely shoot at hard target surfaces like steel. Just remember that the shooter and everyone around should always wear eye protection. MSRP for 500-count box $12.99, for 750 $16.99. Contact: Air Venturi, Dept. FFG, 5135 Naiman Parkway, Solon, OH 44139; (216) 292-2570;


panther martin stinky six spinners

Panther Martin Stinky Six spinners are irresistibly pungent with a garlic-scented bulb at the base of the treble hook. Once the spinner hits the water, the garlic scent infuses the area to attract fish from near and far while also covering any “man” scent. Whether you troll or cast and retrieve, the combination of garlic aroma, hammered genuine gold- and silver-plated blades, and the legendary Panther Martin convex/concave shape combine for deadly results. The Stinky Six includes three 1/8-ounce spinners and three 1/4-ounce size. MSRP for all six $19.99. Contact: Panther Martin, Dept. FFG, 19 N. Columbia St., Port Jefferson, NY 11777; (800) 524-4742;


du-ha pickup truck storage

DU-HA pickup truck storage unit/gun case safely and securely stores firearms, ammunition, GPS, binoculars, and other valuable gear in a nearly invisible hidden space under or behind a truck’s back seat. The DU-HA™ is considered a legal gun case in most states and will hold 2 or 4 long guns in upright position (depending on the configuration of the truck’s back seat). Many models even hold rifles upright with scopes attached. All come with a 2-piece gun rack/organizer. Will hold more gear than you imagine and is virtually indestructible. Installs quickly and easily. Available in matching interior colors; 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. Models designed to fit most full-size Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan pickup trucks. MSRP $179-$199. Contact: DU-HA (866) 306-3842;


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