New Products - January 2016

Air Venturi Wing Shot Air-Shotgun

Air Venturi Wing Shot

Air Venturi Wing Shot is the only production airgun on the market designed to shoot shotshells or solid projectiles. Hunt birds or small game with shot. Then switch to a .50 slug for predators, hogs and even whitetail deer at close range. The Wing Shot launches pellet loads at up to 1,130 feet a second, hitting in an even 12-inch pattern at 20 yards. Air Venturi offers .50 shotshells with No. 8 or No. 6 pellets, or you may handload your own. Slugs leave the muzzle at 760 ft/s with more than 235 foot-pounds of energy. The precharged pneumatic power plant can be set for five consistent full-power shots from each 3,000 psi fill. The single-shot bolt action has a 2-stage adjustable trigger. Smooth-bore 22.5-inch barrel sports a front bead. Beautifully balanced ambidextrous hardwood stock with rubber butt pad. Total weight 7.25 pounds; overall length 43 inches. One-year warranty. MSRP $799.99. For more information on gun and loads, contact:


DMT Double-Sided Diafold sharpener

DMT Double-Sided Diafold provides razor-edge two-stage sharpening in the field with two different 4-by-1-inch Diamond Whetstones in a single compact, lightweight package. DMT Polka-dot surface cleans itself during sharpening with no oil needed. Precision-milled flatness provides continuous edge contact for fast, consistent results. When not in use, see-through handles close over whetstone to protect surfaces yet still allow easy sight identification of color-coded grits (four combinations available). Made in the USA. MSRP $44. Contact: (800) 666-4368;


Genesis Archery Gen-X Bow

Genesis Archery Gen-X bow provides the next step up for youngsters and also serves as an entry-level bow for adults with an adjustable draw weight from 25 to 40 pounds. This is the only non-modular compound bow with Progressive Let-Off technology, and Gen-X online Build-a-Bow allows complete customizing with riser, idler wheel, upper and lower limbs, cam, strings and cable all offered in multiple color options. MSRP $199; Bow-Plus Kit with pin sight, rest, four carbon arrows and quiver $299. Contact: Genesis Archery, Dept. FFG, 2035 Riley Rd., Sparta, WI 54656; (608) 269-1779;


Ol'man outdoors drone climbing tree stand

Ol’Man Outdoors Drone climbing tree stand retains the classic Ol’Man features while taking it to a new level beginning with the safest and fastest way to level a climbing stand. One turn of the wrist can extend or retract up to 5 inches of cable. Oval tubing and improved cable system also make for faster and easier setup. Fluorescent cable heads allow assembly in the dark while oval tubing eliminates the need for twisting cable to align with the hole. The Drone is actually three styles of stand in one because it can be configured with a straight bar, with a shooting rest or a footrest. Quiet Comfortech net seat. Built-in holders on either side for range finders, binoculars, rattling horns or other accessories. Unique pivot arm design packs up less than 4 inches thick. Total weight 25 pounds yet can hold up to 300 pounds. Contact: Ol’Man Outdoors, Dept. FFG, 201 Fairmont Plaza, Pearl, MS 39208; (601) 932-5832;


Hard Nosed No trespassing sign

Hard Nosed No Trespassing sign makes potential violators think twice with an image of a live-feed trail camera along with verbiage that the camera is in use. Larger than most No Trespassing signs at 12 by 15 inches in color combinations proven to be the most visible in all conditions. Also five times thicker than a typical sign with proprietary composite material and inks designed for outdoor longevity. The unique message and graphics are copyright protected. 5-year limited warranty; MSRP: $9.95. Contact: Jenlis Inc., Dept. FFG, 902 E. Second St., Suite 327, Winona, MN 55987; (877) 356-6455;


Council Tool ApocalAxe

Council Tool ApocalAxe multipurpose high-carbon forged steel blade is ideal for camp chores like cutting firewood or for skinning big game. Gut hook above the blade makes a clean opening cut. Polymer grip is non-slip and shock absorbing. Turned around, the tool provides a sturdy hammerhead, and the butt end of the handle works as a bottle opener. Weight 2 pounds; length 15 inches. Camo or black Hydro-dip finish keeps its good looks for ages. Comes in a leather sheath with eyelets for attachment to pack, belt or saddle. MSRP $134.45. Contact: Council Tool Company, Dept. FFG, 345 Pecan Lane, P.O. Box 165, Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450-0165; (910) 646-3011;


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